Pete Balsavias, Senior VP at Mastercard, on Collaborating in the Voice Space

VOICE Global 2021


You. You talked about What mastercard is known for. I mean it really is a transactional business But part of transactions are interactions and the ability for customers to better interact for. Commerce is is multifaceted And you know an voice. Experience is really central to that and and with with that in mind in the partnership. Focus in mind as you think about your experience in terms of Driving innovation house driving innovation through partnerships for businesses who are listening who haven't fully implemented a voice interaction voice. Assistant are still considering whether they should do it in house or find a partner for an end to end solution. Now that you've been going through this process what's your perspective and advice on on folks looking at the market and seeing where to go. Yeah yeah and likewise we're thrilled to be working with you and in our our approach innovation is is really say with with partners really same as that we have with our clients that we consider partners as well. And it's it's really to. You know look at the assets in both organizations and the talent and co co innovate collaborate. You know look at the problem. Statements that That are that are true. Not just apply technology so we go in with a very collaborative point of view. in finding wins can kind of across the board In terms of kind of. I think if the question was You know what what advice or what to think about in terms of others that are going down this journey. She's me You know one is you know it's Going with a with transparency. In mind you know go in You know kind of It is a journey like the way that you outlined that as a journey itself Things of all. But i think stay true to your brand and kind of tear core assets and a lean on your partners were were there have cam sees you know we are not we do as you mentioned. We do several things and where we're proud of the things that we do and But we're not a voice. Company were natural language processing and echo meddling which You understand company or even a computer based company computer vision based company so we find partners and and look to work with amazon and really leverage the assets Between us to really crate you know. Focus on consumer journey really great. She's create something very compelling.

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