McVay in Better Mood, Says He's Better Coach With Stafford


Story will bring back in. Involves these relationships in the nfl between coaching quarterback that we've talked about several times when you have that you know you got something special when the coach and the quarterback are on the same page when they kind of have that unity. You saw what. What tom brady. And bruce arians able to do right away You obviously see what you have in kansas. City greg's andy. Reid patrick mahomes these. These duos are very important. We thought maybe. Sean mcvay jared goff where we're going to be that power couple. They did get to a super bowl but then things broke up pretty quickly there. And sean mcvay is this guy that clearly is the excitable one out of the two right is that goes without saying so mcveigh. Listen to how he talks about how he feels about now having matthew stafford at his as his quarterback and he did this during a press conference to promote the super bowl in. La in the rams head coach. Let's just say gushed very heavy. Thank you seem like you're in a better mood aussies. You're damn right. I am so this guy He's a special guy. One of the best ways that i can describe him when you hear people that have been around him. There's a there's a known confidence where it when he walks into a room noah's field presence but he's got a great humility about himself at. Everybody loves being around him and he's one of those guys that is it true igniter makes everybody around him better. I feel like i can come up better. Coaching a few months that we've been able to spend together and we're looking forward to get things together. Sounds pretty excited about this new relationship. He's got about stafford and all he can bring in all he's already brought to the franchise what it means to him. What it's done for him as a coach that sounds like a guy that is much happier in his new

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