Sara Carter's Frustration on the Biggest Spying Scandal on Trump


Nobody knows this deep state stuff better than nobody. Um, you have been the tip of the spear on the whole spy gate collusion hosting from the start. First off the big question. John Durham was assigned as a United States attorney to investigate this, you know, quote get to the bottom of what happened with the biggest spying scandal in American history on President Trump and candidate Trump. Are you getting anything from your sources? About where this door? Um, investigation is? Are we ever going to hear anything? It's so frustrating, Dan because, uh, doesn't even matter now, because honestly, we have four years. You me. John Solomon shot Canady. Congress, the Senate, the DOJ investigation exposed at nauseum at nauseam. The egregious and horrible behavior of the bureaucracy against the duly elected president. Criminal behavior, criminal behavior, and the buck stopped at the Department of Justice. And I know for a lot of people. Maybe they won't want to hear this. Maybe people will be upset that I say this I had a lot of dates. William Barr at one point And John Durham and I feel like both of them. Let the American people down.

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