Here's What's New With iOS 15

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On monday. Apple kicked off its worldwide developers conference with a virtual keynote detailing the changes coming soon to iowa's fifteen the mobile operating system that powers the iphone now fifteen launch fall. We don't have the exact date yet. And it's time to the release of a brand new iphone. It's typically unveiled by apple in september. So what are some of the most notable changes coming to iowa's fifteen this fall. Let's start here with face time which seems to be getting the biggest facelift too. No pun intended Of all the features that are coming. Ios the biggest one. Though is you can soon use facetime on android and windows but not in the way that you think. The company is adding facetime links for sharing scheduled call so kind of works like zoom where he scheduled a call. You get a link to the actual video chat itself and you click on that so users can get to this either through the iphone app or via any web browser so it's not exactly a facetime app for android or for windows but at least if you're on a web browser on android phone you can still get. Their facetime is also going to introduce a grid view to see everyone on a call and the ability to take calls in portrait mode. So you can hold your phone horizontally and it'll actually blur out the background automatically so that you stand out facetime also add spatial audio and voice isolation so call sam more natural and allow you to cut back on the background noise. The app is also going to add. Share play which is probably one of those interesting features they revealed and it. Lets you enjoy entertainment. Such as music tv shows. While you're on a video call few might start video call minimize the window and then go to another app like say apple tv plus or some third party apps disney plus and you start playing a Tv show or a movie and it automatically start playing on the other person's call and then you can start watching together.

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