Hara Allison's Powerful Personal Story


Talk about some of the work that you do some your series and then some of your experience in the past in graphic arts share actually my twenty four year old daughter at the time had an idea. She follows this site on instagram. Called be more and it's about you know. They hold up signs where they say. I'm more than my diagnosis. And so she suggested. I paint words on her back of who she thinks. She is not necessarily what she looks like. But that photograph sparked a series. And i had twenty eight women take part and the words were just amazing and beautiful and each person that came over. We sat down and talked about the words. We discussed them. One person was survivor of domestic abuse. And her words are strong loyal safe. Just it ran. The gamut one lady has stage four cancer. It was really really emotional and beautiful and watching. The women claim the words that they were beautiful. You know most of the women were overweight. I just to see them claim who they were and not what they look like was really really beautiful and powerful specify the series it after that i did one for men called real men real man. Something like that anyway and it's so interesting who feels called to participate. One of the men was a transgender man. And that was so cool. And another was paraplegic. I just really love who feels called to say. Seaney notice me and hear me. It's really lovely experience. Wow how moving for you and the individuals partic- yeah. I feel that connection. Yeah what a connection that you're creating and i'm sure that comes out in the artwork right and i think so. They feel really empowered. Most of the women in the seamy series bought a print to put up in their room or the one who was domestically abused. Has it on her bathroom mirror so every morning she can remember those words

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