A highlight from Brandon Collins, Doug Mellard and Jonah Ray guest


It's sunday june. Six twenty twenty and guests today are brandon collins. Doug millard and jona. Ray hello gentlemen. Let's meet everybody individually and alphabetically starting with our first time guest brandon collins. Hello brandon everybody. A brand the college do you from new york city Yeah yeah offense. He'll be here Yeah we're going to be on. Oh yeah i keep him mysterious. You know when. I get books you know. I'll i'll i'll say i'm albuquerque but i'm really just back in new york i never travel. Yo you have one. You mentioned one podcast in your bio on twitter. But i was also told that you have. Another podcast is true of to podcasts. Yes so i have two podcasts. The first ones media popcorn which is one of the most insane movie review. podcasts out. Just listen to our theme song and debate me if you don't think it's the greatest one ever and drummed black history which is also a live show. That's coming back This month to celebrate juneteenth and essentially my co host and we celebrate Unspoken black heroes in american history. That just haven't gotten there there do so we try to get their flowers. Yeah i mean it's like all of them right all of the black heroes. Absolutely your work cut off. That's great and thank you for being here. I appreciate that. You're you know a listener to the show. And how do you think y- you think you'll hold up trivia wise. you couldn't movie trivia. I sometimes will give me trivia. But if i start sweating my my palms i might be in trouble. Because that's what he kicks in and the data did not give me new mud so it's going to be It's going to be interesting. Well these you're up two of the most competitive dudes. I now and when i say and i'm being sarcastic. A is a frequent guest on his show and co host of wide world of dogs. One of my other. Podcasts doug mallard is here hello duck. Anybody it's been a couple of days are you doing. Yeah we were just talking to. Who were retargeting to proops bruce greg proops. That's right one or you're just talking to you days ago so it coming up next. Douglas movies listeners will enjoy this. The next guest. Allied duds is going to be none other than Scott yeah so weird Doug and i are both busy right writing questions. Him also. Joining us is the star of the new sparks. Brothers movie The movie called spokesper. It's joan array. Hey everybody it's me from the spark stock how How much do you show up in. you know. i don't want to ruin the ruin the surprise that people will feel when they go to watch the stark stock. You tell me how much it and then that'll be fun for you to figure it out. It could be anywhere between you know fifteen minutes to not at all right now thinking you're not in it at all. Why did i think you were in it. I don't know. I think maybe maybe you think i'm you know cooler than i am. I think maybe that's it. That's not at yeah that's right. Yeah yeah.

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