This now? Well, me. Jeez, I started Complaining <Speech_Telephony_Male>


On gasoline? Well, that would be the end of the oil companies right there for a dollar less than them. We would just have lines and investors like they're coming to us now would want us to build more and more of these planets and more stations, and we have Capacity to replace all the gasoline in the United States. It would be no problem. It's just a matter of political will or Absence. That good old business, you know, we just go ahead and make a profit. And so if I had a magic wand and enough money, you know which I could do, and Sections, one state of the time or whatever we could make investors very happy. What? You've been at this for a long time. David. I've been doing the show almost 18 years. We're going into our 18th year this year. And I remember talking to you way gone back. How long you've been at this

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