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FM 97 7. Here's what's coming up new policies to make sure vaccines Gettinto arms may be fueling a new kind of tourism. I'm Brian Calvert with the global traveler who came here also on the way. What's it worth to get That pod tied? Delivered? Right, My Lord in his room, Corwin hate food drivers demand fair wages calculation at this point is that having those conversations behind the scenes Wing in with our important strategic partnership we have with Israel, also with other countries in the region is the most constructive approach. We can take this as the Palestinian Health Ministry reports 200 Palestinians killed in the recent fighting. An associate of Florida congressman Matt Gates pleaded guilty to several crimes, including sex trafficking of a minor Matt Gates went unmentioned by name as his ally, Jill Greenberg pleaded guilty in Orlando Federal court. But what Greenberg says now about Gates. While he is obligated to cooperate with federal prosecutors could put the congressman in legal jeopardy. Greenberg admitted he paid a 17 year old for sex and introduced her to other adult men who engaged in commercial sex acts, sources have told ABC News. The feds have been investigating whether Gates paid with For sex, though he has denied it. ABC is Aaron Carter Ski on Wall Street, The Dow down 127 points You're listening to ABC

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