Taking Teenage Boys to Europe Is a Waste of Time


Never take teenage boys to europe. It's a waste of time and money don't do it. They don't care about a statue of david. I thought it was gorgeous. They just laughed for like two hours. Balls thought it was when they as funny. We went to italy and my wife studied italian for a year so she could speak and everything. So i'm in the gym and i'm on the treadmill and it went faster. It said difficult. And i thought i can speak italian if i add vow and cop an attitude. So we're in coamo. I know we're there waiting for the boat to come. What whatever the ferry and my wife's looking trying to figure out. I asked when it's going to arrive and i just leaned in and went to both deep worked was our interpreter for a week. Because when you go on lake como every boat driver goes you like george clooney's house. They're obsessed with. George clooney pitchers in every restaurant of george so after the ten time i just yells at the guy a sick clooney. I- heard him under his breath. Go bungee folk into bucci. We went to rome. Okay so roma's unbelievable i. We were in the roman coliseum and my wife and i are having the time of our life its history. Its role my god. My son eighteen the time. No exaggeration literally said this. Is this really much our gonna.

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