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This'll is not about policy. This is not about partisanship. This is about our duty as Americans remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that. I will not sit back and watch in silence, while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president's crusade to undermine our democracy. Liz Cheney is out. But man, she is still doubling down and digging in on the big lie. Let's get our friend Ryan Ger, dusky in the mix here. He's the author of They're Not Listening. Fantastic Book and Political consultant Ryan. Great to have you. What do you make of Liz is ouster. I mean, listen, she could have avoided this. Had she just shut up. McConnell, you know, on January, 6th basically said Trump was the reason there was a riot and blamed him for everything and then moved on. She could have moved on, just like McConnell dead and she would have survived. It's the fact that she couldn't stop talking about Trump. It's ironic because it's the people who hate him the most. They can't seem to get his name and other metals. What does she think she was accomplishing with it? I mean, is it just Does she have some kind of family honor? At stake here is the Chinese that she really needs to bring the GOP back to the good old days and we were invading countries without a plan or even good reason. I mean, what's the idea here? What do you think she's trying to accomplish? We'll think of think of Liz Cheney and what she talks about. In general Liz Falls for every liberal trope known to man. She believed that the Russians were putting bounties on Americans heads in Afghanistan. About a dozen press conferences about that. She believed everything that about you seven Cove it nonstop. Anything of the liberal media peddle them push as a talking point. Liz Echo. This is, of course, one more thing that MSNBC is talking about. So she's echoing it. I think that is more to do that than anything else. But this was absolutely avoidable on the part of this change behalf. I think there's an incentive. If you're if you're maybe your ceiling professionally shouldn't go on. Have a contract. I'm somebody see, have a best selling books yourselves the Democrats. I mean, the great irony that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's daughter Are gonna be celebrated and are currently being sobered by the left or right. Hating Donald Trump is truly the biggest irony in the world. Do you think that The others around her are at some point, you know people like who's the Congress? Kinzinger, right? I mean, there's some other Republicans that are taking a similar tone. What's their play? Ryan? I mean, what? What do you think there? Is it really just to get on MSNBC and and maybe get a nice fat book deal from one of the big publishers who are all controlled by lives. What was? Look, I mean, compare. Compare Kinzinger and Cheney to rights Congressman right from South Carolina. The old voted for impeachment. Rice has not been out there making his entire life about Donald Shultz. Kinzinger Gonzalez, who? Ironically I worked against his primary. I work for his primary challenger years ago when I said he was a bad guy, but Gonzalez Kinzinger Cheney They're raising millions of dollars and make their name completely about Donald Trump knew some bell D O a news. I'm sorry. Um, Newport out of the guy from Washington state characters Nick Butler Bell Deo. Can't go Rice. They're not mentioning Trump anymore. They voted for his impeachment and they moved on on. There's a reason why the headlines are You know what? Why MSNBC and CNN are obsessed with kids, Kinzinger and and Cheney and aren't talking about these other congressman is because To survive. All of you Just shut up, and they never let you know running chance. Maybe that voters would just simply forget Or just say, OK, They have one boat, Martin. I'll get past. I mean, maybe many of them will probably lose their primary. But it would have a chance. Chaney and Kinzinger You know, maybe that they're hoping to say Look, I could sit there and spin Trump's face and spin Trump's voters space and talk about it endlessly. Answered by my primary. But you know, King's eager for all the love he gets from Democrats is probably suddenly redistricted with Democrats seat. And Cheney. There's a good chance she wants to record primary. Speaking, awry anger dusky author of They're not listening How the elites created the National Populist revolution. You know, Raina, I saw some data. Getting shared around social media today from some of politicos about how the real change in the trajectory of different voting groups. In recent elections, essentially that the biggest upside win that Biden had in 2020 was with non college educated white males. You know, in comparison to the trend in the two elections before that, can you? Can you break down some of that for us? I think people have this belief that abide in one because of the minority vote from what I saw. It's actually yes. He got a huge portion minority vote, but the game changer was three or 4% points of the white working class vote. Read that. That's ironically, That's my new op, ed. He okay, so I'll make it right, Matt. And the only area you see a bump from Hillary Clinton was among non college educated and college educated whites. Those of the two areas he lost support from where Hillary was in 2016 among minorities. However, he did still win 90% the black vote he's still did win 6 61% 67% of the Hispanic voters. I'm sorry. 61% of Hispanic vote. I think Trump won 39% of those things that effect and he still won 70 some 77% of the Asian vote. So he won in great part because he received a bump from the on the white boat while Trump game with minorities. However, the real reason he won was because of the minority vote. I mean, how do you not like these overwhelming majorities to third majorities in the case of Asians and blacks? And on day over 60% of Hispanic vote. He would not have one story, but but that was the point of the data set that I saw was making was that that was within, you know, you expect to win over 90% of the African American voters, a Democrat. You expect to win over 60% of the but the change was in white votes. The certain Listen, there are everyone service says the Republicans and with their cap with work like White working class voters and that they can't go to higher. There's 61 Million or 62 million white working class voters either voted for fighting or didn't vote at all. In the 20 in the 2020 election had 2% of us who've gone for Trump. Trump would still be in office. It's far easier to win the White House by trying to win over 1 to 2% of the working white collar vote. Then it is win 10% or 8% of the Hispanic vote. Right. The blue collar white working class vote is a is a huge percentage when you look at the percentages It's very substantial. We're talking to Ryan, her dusky. They're not listening. How the elites created the national Populist revolution is his book. Do you think that GOP unity is going to increase now that we've had this ouster of Cheney is this just getting as much attention as it is because Democrats love to watch Republicans fight Absolutely. I mean, you've had Kristen Cinema. You had Mark Kelly. You had a killer, constant killer from taxes, all attacked by then, In the last two weeks over his border crisis, you're probably gonna have to sit there and talk about the gas leaks pretty soon. I mean, we have way have crisis in Israel that I'm sure fighting takes the side of Israel, which I imagine do. AOC may lash out of him. I mean, you have warring tribes of the Democratic Party all the time. It is simply because the meat yes. Is there in imagines that they're all you know, skipping and you know, Stevie and hang out together that they don't highlight these growing tensions among the Democratic Party, Um, on the Republicans aside. I think that you know, it's definitely a party in transition and is trying to find it, you know, voice and used.

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