.NET 6 Preview With Rich Lander


Allu- and welcome into six-figure developer. Podcast the podcast where we talk about new and exciting technologies professional development clean code career advancement and more. I'm john calloway on clayton on. And i'm john nash. With us today. As richard lander riches a principal program manager on the dot net courtroom. He works on making dot net core work great in memory limited docker containers on arm hardware like the raspberry pi and enabling. Gpo programming and iot scenarios. Welcome rich thanks. Great to be on the show before we sort of jump into things. Would you give our listeners. Like a little introduction to yourself Perhaps tell them how you got started in the industry sure Yes so i'm canadian. Boarded bread From ontario and Went to school in. Well i guess my you know my. My dad wasn't exactly a computer and suzy but he thought we should be too so he He would bring home hardware thruster to play with in years on. That's what was kinda my start. Which i an incredibly thankful for you know twenty four hundred hundred baud modem than all the rest of it and then i went to school waterloo and then microsoft natives people knew somehow and which i did know a lot about And in two thousand. And i got hired at school and move to Seattle are ready for microsoft. And i've been there percents so that's kind of my origin story lounge. Yeah so what what What do you do these days from. Except yeah so. I work on the team at worked on like i said i joined microsoft in two thousand. I've been on the team since two thousand three. So i've worked on every release since including framework to. Oh

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