Israeli-Palestinian Violence Continues

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An israeli air raid in gaza city. Early saturday killed at least ten palestinians including mostly children. It's the deadliest single strike since violence between israel and hamas militants sparks earlier. This week the strike hit a three story house in a refugee camp killing eight children and two women from extended family. They were celebrating aid. El fitr children's toys and monopoly board game were seen with the rubble and pleats of uneaten food. From the holiday gathering a neighbor said there was no warning before the attack there were also palestinian protests friday in the occupied west bank where israeli forces shot and killed eleven people in gaza. At least one hundred twenty six people have been killed including thirty one children and in israel seven people have been killed including a child but latest violence began in jerusalem when israeli police used heavy handed tactics at an important holy site. As israel continued to threaten the forced removal of dozens of palestinians from their homes hamas militants have fired rockets into israel. This week and israel has continued with airstrikes. Egypt keeps leading truce negotiations but israel turned down a proposal for a one year. Truce that hamas leaders had accepted along with the violence living conditions in gaza or dire. The palestinian territories infrastructure has struggled for years. Since and it's rayleigh egyptian blockade was imposed after hamas took power in two thousand seven. Currently the only power plant in gaza is at risk of running out of fuel in the next few days and the un says gazans or seeing daily power cuts of eight to twelve

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