A highlight from Episode #540 - Unka Backs - Aaron Berg


Big joe kherson. The skanks are all here davey smith. What's up everybody. This crowd is a is a good one. Lewis gave a speech to this crab where we started that could have inspired a show or lead to a genocide and it was amazing or off. Now we'll see what happens crowd. I told them. I was like if you guys aren't good. We'll fucking stop doing the show right here. You didn't mean that. I meant if you're great. We will kill all the jews should just everybody. You know when you love them. It's the puerto rican rattlesnake. Louis j gomez joining us on the in hot water. Podcast on the compound media network everyone. It's america's favorite canadian to jewish fucking. Gigo ehrenberg everybody. Everybody divulge us were built like home like been no. Hoa costs dude. You got this so many jokes. That could have happened like no you get in the oven. reading this train. My delta won't fit in here yellow stars at my thing. You think. I'm gonna listen to some queer in their shirt. Fashion forward pants you fruit. I mean my family. You're at my fillings. back queer. A crowd already turned on us. We actually busted we busted in all the grandchildren of schindler's list people survivors so doesn't look like it. All now about that. Lewis did such a great job. A warm up. Rachel ray should hire. It's been a while since we've had you on the shell. Because every i ask you probably almost every other week had no seven. He always needs a babysitter dude. It's not easy to get a babysitter. You can just go online and be like. I need a babysitter. That's hot and that. I could maybe fuck and people will be like. Oh it's lewis. it's okay. I do it. Some fucking psycho fucking chemo. Patients gonna show up fuck and take my daughter sally aaron. That's actually james babies. Fm never leave her side. Watch your sleep all night. You have fun at your comedy skits. I'll be with your daughter. Are you talking about the hot chick. Blackjack and the bana who over jay shoulder. who's a chemo. Shoulder the white guy. That looks ball. Oh i'm sorry. I thought you were talking about the chicken. The ban. i was like dude to a chemo. Patient no black people. Don't get chemo. Because it test gigi. They don't trust him. She's wearing an american flag. Bandanna the crowd voice

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