Stila Stay All Day Mascara: The Most Tubular Mascara Ever

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Stay all day mascara. It's thirty six dollars it is a cheap ulama gara. All you love a tubular. Everyone knows how much i love achieve bula. I was on a journey with moscow. I opened it and the wound. I was like holy. Whoa what is going on him. Half the ones is straight national brush and bristles than the other half is curved and a plastic comb. All in one brush. I know so. It looks like a prong north. Because it's only one rush but it looks like a sale like bal like hey yep then. The formula is super juicy. like wet. Wet wet yeah. Killed militias which side of the brush stories. Oh goodness and it's all a bit of a person and because it was so juicy gets on my home island and you know how i applaud soy slap has a bit you fix it straightaway. Very slapdash and then i was like okay mash a good. This is great mortal die. Forgot about it then. I had a shower that night. This is i. I was trying it and i say this was the first time i'd challenge since and i just forgot what i put on a face that morning and i gently as i generally do like touch my lashes and all the miscarriage came off in like one guard later on and i was like. Oh what have i. I don't think it's still a messiah. So it's the most trivial achieved scour. I've ever tried. Wow really wet and g c i wish it was in a little bit less but with because it's a new gar eight will do that anyway. Very black very glossy really good thirty six dollars from mecca so for a prima mistake our. That's not that bad premo. You know my looking down fifty bucks. Obviously it's not your eight dollars from rolaids but it's a really good miss car that i recommend so glad. I found it in my

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