Caitlyn Jenner Travels to Australia to Film Big Brother VIP Before Election


Before the recall election, gender spending at least the next three weeks in Australia filming a reality television show Big Brother VIP Caitlyn Jenner has a busy summer ahead of her, and she'll be appearing on Australia's Big brother, while also still running for governor of California. Sources close to Caitlyn tells TMZ hurt Trip down under to participate in Big Brother VIP will in no way stop her current campaign critics are ripping her decision to shoot the series, claiming it shows she's not focused. Jenner defended herself on Twitter, saying, quote I am honoring a work commitment that I made prior to even deciding to run for governor. There is no pause at all on this race to save California. TMZ reports that general be in Australia for a total of three weeks, two weeks quarantining and one week filming the show That's Mary Corsetti here in San Diego, today christening ceremony. The honoring

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