New Type of Ancient Massive Explosion Explains Mystery Star


A massive explosion. Ten times more powerful than a supernova being described as a magneto rotational hyper could provide the power to produce one of the most mysterious stars in the galaxy. The star is located some seven thousand. Five hundred lie is away in the halo of the milky way galaxy a supernova is the explosive death of a star a blast so powerful it can outshine in thai galaxy for weeks on end and even more powerful explosion than any supernova is a high turnover oblast generated by the merger of two neutron stars. And these have recently been confirmed as the source of the rapid neutron capture nuclear synthesis process which is thought to forge the periodic tables heaviest elements. But that still mon- enough to explain the levels or types of elements found in the specter of this mysterious star. This unusually strong start destroying blast. The magneto rotational hype over is the most likely explanation for the presence of unexpectedly high amounts of very specific signature element in this inch star. These include zinc uranium europeam and possibly gold all of which seem to have been detected in this extremely primitive star catalogued as sms. S j two double zero three double two point five four minus double one four two zero three point three. It's carrot address in the sky. The star is what's known as a population to star star produced directly out of the elements forged in the explosive core collapse supernovae marking the death of the very first stars in the universe known as population three stars population. Three stars unique. They'll produce directly out of the hydrogen and helium produced in the big bank. Thirteen point eight two billion years ago. They thought they were first. Formed somewhere around three hundred to four hundred million. After the big bang ending the cosmic dark ages and triggering. The epoch of rian is ation the process which made the universe looked away. That's

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