A highlight from NEW: KANDLE | Welcome To The Music


We usually start by saying welcome to the pre show. Welcome to the show and then it occurred to me that somebody will listens to us who comes across us Because we have a lot of listeners that share our podcast will think that the name of our show is the pre show because we always start by saying welcome to the pre show. So i think we should let people know if i'm not mistaken. Erica m. actually suggested we look at changing it now. We didn't take her advice very far down one way but we didn't go there yet. Yeah we didn't go there yet but Welcome to the music podcast. Welcome to come to the music but in all series was the reason i bring that up is because someone has nominated us craig for the quill podcast awards and somebody's actually nominated you as host of the year. So i think there's a typo there. 'cause i don't know how that happens. There is definitely hundred centers. But i would you know we haven't pumped our podcast too much. I want to thank those of you who have subscribed and continue to listen but if you would be so kind as to nominate us for the quill podcast awards. I jest goto the quill website which is q. u. i l. dot co. i believe. Let's see if i'm correct. I'm totally off.

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