Curtis Sliwa, Trump Administration And U. discussed on Sean Hannity


Ballots still to be sorted out, could take weeks to declare a winner. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa has won the Republican mayoral primary. Thousands of people who tried to claim asylum in the U. S during the Trump administration may get another chance. A Homeland Security official told The Associated Press that those whose asylum claims were dismissed or denied during the trump years. Will be allowed to come back and reapply. The A. P says those who are forced to wait across the border under the remain in Mexico policy may be allowed to remain in the U. S. Pending the outcome of their cases. The head of one NGO that helps migrants said she expects it will apply to at least 10,000 people. Though the estimates are that there are far more people than that It would also require coming back to reapply. President Biden stopped the remain in Mexico policy immediately upon taking office, allowing in more than 25,000 asylum seekers who had active cases at that time. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News The government has shut down dozens of Iranian news sites, a national security source tells Fox News, the U. S government seized about three dozen Iranian based websites that were spreading disinformation. Iranian media says the affected websites include a Yemeni Houthi rebels Satellite news channel and the state run English language service.

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