A highlight from 06/16/21 - HOUR 2 - Kawhi & Paul George, Jim Jackson


So coli leonard out indefinitely clippers fifteen year according to shaw girona clippers. Fear an acl. Okay so we we know he's out he's out for game five tonight. Going to be outplayed game. Six game seven if they have it. You know a joy. I was thinking about this. So there's a reason that somebody wants created resumes and that is so. Let me look at your history. What are you consistently. Yeah so that's why you have. That's why you have resumes so you come out you go okay. This is what you do what you do what you do. I know what you do. I may not always know what you can't do. You're gonna hide that. But i know what you can do efficiently so when i hear this all the clippers. It's just bad luck nonsense. I don't think i'm a lucky guy or an unlucky guy. i think over the course of a lifetime. You get both. I've had. I've had some bad luck streaks and some good luck streaks and paul george are exactly what their resume told you they were. What was leonard coming to the clippers. Nonverbal a little enigmatic load management and. His health was always tricky. That's exactly what the story is his health finish. What was paul. George has a great player. All star economy shrinks in playoff games. That's been his big problem with the clippers. Their resumes told you what they were and kind of what they weren't both have happened in. These playoffs is now heard. Paul george has been inconsistent. It's like anthony navis. Anthony davis was hurt constantly in new orleans when the lakers acquired him. You're like man. You can't trust. Anthony davis well new orleans couldn't trust him. That's what the resume told you. When the brooklyn went out and got k. D. and kyri let's stay with kyrie. He had he could be emotionally a little erotic. He took a sabbatical first week of the season and he gets hurt a lot. He's hurt again. Exactly what he is hardens. Injury is a shocker. He never got hurt donovan. Mitchell is a guy that doesn't get hurt. That's a little surprising but both harden and mitchell or back but kevin durant. Oh it was great. Last night kevin durant great all the time and these brittle so when you start stacking up. Jimmy butler looked very frustrated at the end of the year with his teammates. Houses resume jimmy. Butler got worn out by teammates philadelphia. That couldn't get along. Didn't put in the commitment. I ben simmons. He got frustrated in chicago with young players. That wouldn't put in the time now. He's frustrated with tyler herro who got devoured by the miami nightlife. So i don't believe in this luck thing. The clippers to stars have just become what they've always been. The timing stinks timings bad

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