A highlight from Epilogue: How to Be a Bad Bitch, by Amber Rose

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Lot of things about this book and about amber rose lots of bad bitch comments. Yes yes yes Let's start with someone who liked the book shall we. That's always a nice whole someplace to start. Yes margot says. This is one of the few books. I've read that you've covered on the show. I drag the library. Hardback with the amazing cover our swoon into work and my hip hop fan colleague nearly sprained his face muscles rolling his eyes at it so he earned himself a bad bitch lecture. I didn't take much practical advice from it. I still have zero clue about how to do makeup. But i enjoyed the heck out of it. Despite the occasional clanger like the gender essential as them It is a fun book. I will say that. Margo it does have some problems but Her voice. I think we said this in the main episode her voice or her ghost writers voice really comes through in an enjoyable way and yeah that cover with her naked on it. She looks good is wild. Every time i see them i e reader. I'm like well it's great. No some people wrote in to say that even though they haven't read the book based on our episode they actually agree with some of amber roses advice. For example. natalia. Says i like amber roses advice to create a voice in your head. That's as supportive and loving as your mom's or whoever else believes in you. I did a similar exercise of creating the voice of the boss bitch. Best friend i always wanted and now that's just my own voice. A lot of the time. I realized that the overly critical and judgmental voices most often weren't my own but based on things that were said me and got stuck in there. I feel like i did with this all the time. You've probably due to kristen. We all probably do. I assume you don't because you're perfect but stopping but it's true. Like how often do we stop. I'm question like the sort of negative things. We may be half like on repeating our head not very often. But i know my mom would be like wait. I'm sorry what. Did you just say if i said something like that out loud or like someone said something like that to me and it's it's good to take that time and and pause them be like do. I actually believe this. Did someone tell me this. When they're being shady like is this something i link. Don't believe at all. Yeah yeah is it something. I read in a magazine. Something that some deuce bro told me when i was in sixth grade and natalia. By the way. You're not the only one who wrote in to say you already do this. You didn't need amber roasted how you to do it. Several people said they already have the voice of their therapist in their head or they have the voice of a best friend in their head and so. It's nice to hear that so many of you already do this. Yeah this next. One comes from robin. Who says i googled amber rose and still have no idea who she is but i do agree with some of the points. She makes specifically. I don't believe all menchie but if they do you have to legit choices. Get over it or get out of it if you stay together but don't let it go. You're torturing yourself and your partner you deserve better. Yes i agree also Yeah one or the other. You have to go through that middle ground. I'm sure for a while while you decide what to do but hopefully you don't stay in that middle ground forever. 'cause that's a lousy place to live. I wouldn't wanna live there forever. No no i want you to live there please. I don't want to visit you there. It's a lousy place. Just want to leave like. Where's my ticket out of here. It's true all right. A lot of you had thoughts on sex. Positivity and amber. Roses thoughts on sex positivity. So let's start with this one from j. c. j. c. Says i think a lot of people like to demonize women like amber rose who are sex positive but i think these same people are forgetting that a lot of kids are getting negative messages at home or just as bad no messages at all when kids are hearing nothing but fear shame rally lessons and warnings about sex. It's damaging when they're being taught that boys have urges and girls must protect their chastity. it's both damaging and sexist sure amber. Rose isn't for everyone. But i can't fault her for telling the world that it's okay for women to enjoy consensual sex and to be honest about what they like in bed. True that there's no such thing as like fucking used goods like or like this ship that leg you would watch bros. Like high five over where like Gross tacking like two women like. Let's get over that. We all are animals who love fucking sex. Because we're programmed to because like the world wants us to procreate link the natural order and it's fucking fine let's all go like jerk off and like admit liked it. Sorry i'm not sorry. I'm loving it. I know not. Everybody loves sex. Not everyone does. But i'd say most of us are wired to like it. I agree with your jolanta scientifically speaking. Most of us are wired to like in most animals. Are i feel like frogs. Probably are too. Yeah yeah we would have died out by now. All right next point comes from jennifer de who says i struggle with sex positivity and how it's conveyed especially to teens. I was promiscuous in high school. Because i honestly didn't know any better. I had no good role models. No-one discussed this topic with me beyond my evangelical mother who assured me i would burn in. Hell sex's fun and it's important to know what we enjoy however there are actual risks with sex both physically and emotionally. It's kind of a big deal. I fear that. Ambrose message might overlook these risks. Some of which can lead to lifelong issues. I hope i'm not coming off. Like a prude jennifer. Not you think. You're coming off like a realist. Well you know what. I really like this response from krista because this was part of a facebook thread So krista says sex positive teachings and thinking earnt about promiscuity at all in fact they lower rates of assault abuse and people having sex before. They're ready sucks. Positivity is about having the positive role models correct teachings knowledge and control over your body and actions and acting out of a place of consent and competence versus ignorance. Promiscuity and abstinence are sides of the same coin of negative sex teachings that lead to really harmful consequences because they're based on ignorance and emotion. I love that promiscuity versus abstinence. Yeah that's true. They're sort of part of the same lake extremist coin. Yes opposed to like there's gray area. There's ways to be informed. It's not like all or nothing. yes yes absolutely. Mary brings up a good point. Which is i think anything having to do with sex is always going to have people applauding and people hating we live in a world with a lot of sexual hang ups and hetero relationships there's also the lack of gender equality. That's going to come into play. I just hope we continue to talk about sex and do it better than in generations past speaking as an older woman. It seems we are. I think we are too. I mean just in my lifetime. Jolanta i'm sure about some of the ways. Sex was talked about with me or my god. There was this one. Sex ed book. My friend andrea willenbring. I think i was in kindergarten or first grade I'm not going to name the book. Because i hope it's updated and is not as bad but how i learned that you know all the details about how you know boys have urges and so on and you know how sex happens a man has an urge and then he actually ejaculates and a woman and it's like well what about. What is the woman feeling during all of this. And i remember as a kid women have no really thinking about what the woman felt and as i got older it really hit me and i went back and i looked at that book a few years ago. The early edition and i was like oh. I wasn't taught that the woman felt. I was only taught with the man felt so i think things are getting better. I think sex. Ed books are buttering all right. I think so. I hope so. I haven't read mine in a long. Maybe we should do. A whole season of the show. Looks just live by like textbooks. Oh that's that sounds exciting. Think about that and take him break. Shall we

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