Government Report Finds 20 Different Agencies Use Facial Recognition


A new report from the government accountability office says at least twenty federal agencies are using facial recognition technology. But not just the obvious acronyms ones like the fbi and tsa an ice agencies like at the us fish and wildlife service. The food and drug administration and nasa are using the tech as well and more than half thirteen of the agencies using facial recognition. Don't know what systems their employees are using or how often they use them the agencies that do keep track say. They've used it for identifying people at the january six insurrection and during last summer's protests sparked by the murder of george floyd including the us postal service according to greta goodwin director of the gao's homeland security and justice team so the postal inspection service use facial recognition technology in conjunction with the civil unrest. That happened last year so what. They told us that they were looking to see whether us postal property had been damaged whether male had been stolen

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