A highlight from Ramos To Leave Real Madrid



All used to seeing you know at this stage. Maybe italy with two points a one one and a nil nil and then get a result in the third game to squeak into the knockout phases. This is impressive and this is fun to watch. I mean how was the last time you said you wanted to sit down. And not take pride in the way. Italy defends but take pride in the way they attack can create chances and look. They've had six goals but they very easily could have had his hand benches strong my way through and you're trying to pick at least best. Eleven is an eye out key as we're on the right hand side but mirada start really well. The greatest thing about them is the team the team sheet and there's not a superstar in knots and that team and maybe because of the what for each other i mean there was one stage in the first half when in senior who would expect to be a guy who would think. Well listen on the fall. Where i'm going to stay up here. I'll tell you what he got himself. Ken he sprinted back into position to get behind the ball. We can get your gold scoreless during that. My goodness you've got you've got a real unit. And they did a real team. You don't think bollywood it. Oh yes it would have to call a cab to get him back but one thing. I love the team spirit. You almost must be afraid to score because in the celebration you're just getting pounded off. It's it's fun to watch. You mentioned how fun they are to watch. Probably no one enjoyed more than Gab marcatti let's bring him in then now on. Espn afc gab. Just how good with italian team today. Really good i mean. I think that they picked up where they where they left off against turkey. I completely agree with the boy said especially the point. Tv made about the team spirit. And you could say it's okay. It's okay all it's easy to all be buddies when we're winning. But i think even when italy been on a good run for some time but even when they warned the lee impressing there was no sniping Pre-tournament no there were no grumbles. That nobody's agent was coming forward and saying so and so we're playing time they

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