A highlight from PlayStation Skipped E3 2021: Was That the Right Move? - Beyond Episode 705



Even if they didn't show up to three we've still got a lot to talk about when it comes to playstation. I'm during this week to discuss it. All by mitchell saltzman. Hello hello and mitchell lucy. O'brien as well not as much as experts. Not as much as like unlocked. Go talk about. Hey like with where a little bit like you know. We've been throwing some scraps and we like split talk about it for animal feed us playstation career enough and we're also joined this week by mexico. Ville everybody happy to be here. Happy to have you here as well on this day after he three and none of us had to take a flight. We're of course going to jump into despite playstation not being every three there are still a lot of games that will be on playstation that we're going to talk about in in the episode dicamba. We're also going to jump into a little bit of discussion about playstation show is not three again this year. Obviously get twenty nineteen. Everyone's get twenty twenty because it didn't happen in all senses of that phrase and a bit more before we get into it though. I do wanna do a very quick sort of news crunch because there's actually been a lot of other stuff going on. We have so many games to talk about. I just briefly wanted to mention one. I didn't interview with the heads of deviation games. Dave anthony and jason blundell as well as herman host from playstation Talking about their new partnership which was announced at jeff. Healey's kickoff live. I think was what that show is called We talk a bit about their partnership. Why they wanted to partner with playstation playstation. Three two partners. Because herman has talked recently a lot about you know treating these partners like they would treat any of the first party studios and of morals really discussion. I think she definitely go check those guys. Are they worked. Call zombies a lot right. Yeah one of them. Was i believe director on black ops. One and two and the other was the co creator of zombies. Yeah they have a lot of history. I i've definitely interviewed the mccown. And i think it was specifically about like the weirdest corners of that like talking about like. Oh you jeff goldblum's a magician and you're fighting robot zombies on the titanic or whatever. It's like yeah. I'm curious what they do. It was really interesting discussion because they. They're actually like lifelong friends. They've been friends since they were like sixteen years old like teenagers and they were talking about how they always like dreamed of being able to have their own studio like that. Ever since they've been wanting to get into game design they wanted to have their own project and do their own thing and so they were like we loved working within. Obviously you know a big franchise like call of duty and those constraints allow you to do and get creative in. But they're they're really excited about doing something themselves that they create the constraints for so we'll see what it is but yeah in addition to that also just wanted to mention. There was news in the past week. As if this week wasn't busy enough that cyberpunk twenty seventy seven will return on the espn on june twenty-first. This is of course still the. Ps four version and in fact the announcement Comment i believe from playstation was like you should probably play this on a ps four pro playstation five. You should not play it on the base playstation for basically. We're still waiting on next versions for those games. Of course but yeah that will continue to cover that as we hear more about whatever the next version. That game is end. Gas we are is allegedly hitting in holiday. Twenty twenty two Next year from a report from bloomberg so we may see that nexgen. Vr headset pretty early in the life cycle the ps five as opposed to. He has three. Are i think hitting three years into the life of the yes four but yeah well. We'll obviously touch on that when we see the psbr to in whatever they call it. But there are a ton of excuse me playstation games to talk about from three even though playstation. Wasn't there so. I thought that maybe way to cover. This would be excuse me how to clear. My third would be kind of mentioned a few of the big ones and also just get a sense of where you all are most excited about some games that we saw. I'm so briefly. I want to start off on final fantasy origin. Strained is it strangers in paradise strangers of paradise. I don't have the full title in front of me. But this is a final fantasy game. That was rumored Before he three kinda got leaked ahead of time that is essentially a souls like ish take on final fantasy team ninja. You're watching the video version. You would have seen their their local pop up. I answered been described as a neo s. Take on final fantasy. There's been a demo that was released on playstation five specifically but like the trailer says a quite often heo rained and the demo was unplayable for like two or three days. Unfortunately it's now since been updated. It's not corrupted anymore. You can go play it. I played a little bit of it. Mitch you've played a bit. So i want to start off with you. What what did you think of. The demo actually played a lot of it trying to capture a clean run where i did not die. Took me quite a while. Actually but yeah. It's so it's exactly what it kind of advertises itself as this is a indonesia take on lassie and if you're familiar with neo you know what team ninja doing a source. Light kind of looks like But this this has a couple of really unique aspects to it. There's no stamina meter for one so you can kind of just wail on enemies without having to worry too much about your tiring yourself out like most team ninja games. I feel like you kind of have to understand how to play this game in order to have fun with it I think the key to understanding it is the fact that you have like this. Parry button basically allows you to pair mostly any attack. There's a couple of on walkable tax but if you carry attack a kite depletes meter they have at the bottom and if that gets to plead you get staggered so you basically are down for a free hit it. So it's kind of about balancing that level of defense with still being able to you know use all your own abilities that also take magic. It's there's a lot going on here but Once you figure it out. I feel like it is the combat is pretty fun but you know it is. It's just an early demo. It really does feel like this is the kind of thing that you would be playing at three if you were on the show floor so it was a little rough. The frame rate wasn't completely solid. But i'm interested in this. I think it's got a really cool job system that's taking from the fancy rpg's and putting it into a souls like so you can basically level up a certain job and you can get skills on skill tree. And then once he gets to the bottom of that skill tree you unlock a new. A new set for that job. So go from swordsman. They get to the bottom. Ignore luck the warriors the warrior job which has its own skill tree. Once you switched to that class. You kind of reset your stats. So you kind of have to you know. Build a new tree. That's going to eventually be better than the swordsman class. But you have to kind of work with that early process of being a little weaker than you would normally be so. Yeah it's a. I think this game has a lot of potential. And i really. I'm really excited to see Out develops the story. They don't really. They don't really do much with the story. Other than you know. chaos. I must kill chaos. Well it's gonna.

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