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Welcome to on the verge. I'm karen bradley bringing you another morning. Question an inquiry to prod provoke open up and reveal. What's going on in your life. I use these questions every single day. In fact at the top of my to do list every day i have a question a question. I ask myself today's question is what are you hungry for. What are you hungry for keira. This is what. I ask myself right now in this current moment in this time. What are you most hungry for. I think it's important. It's important to know what your yearning for because it will help. Direct your attention. It will help. Keep you focused. It will help you go deeper. It will help you commit so. I'm going to reveal a couple of things. I'm hungry for and i encourage you to sit with this question yourself. I though let me let me offer you a little bit of advice when it comes to inquiry practice recognize that and this has been my only experience that some of these questions are not comfortable in. They're not meant to be. You may even see the titles of some of these podcasts and be like not going there. I'm not ready for that. And that's okay. There's going to be a slew of inquiries that you're going to be able to choose from and in fact some of them you may want to go back to and to again. It's why i try to keep these things real short. today's inquiry. what are you hungry for. Kara i asked myself that and i thought about this before i hit record and there are three things i think right. Now that are that are front of mind that a really holding my mind. The first one. I'm hungry to be pain-free pain-free. I've been dealing with a hip slash groin injury for six months. And i honestly i'm in pain most of the time so sometimes every step i take. I'm in pain. And i've been working with some specialists and I every single day. I'm practicing yoga. I'm doing mobility training on rolling it out. I am working for working with it. Because i am hungry to be pain-free so it is front of mind for me and i'm really committed to getting on the other side of this however i can to. I'm also hungry for fight. Talapity and vigor more vitality and vigour about this all the time you know. Yes it's to be healthy of course but to be filled with energy to be filled with his vigor and the excitement for life. And i think i have a good good amount of it but i'm hungry for more. I want more some always thinking about what could what could i be doing to offer my body. My mind my soul. More more to be to feel that vitality and that vig are so. I can go out there and do more of what i love and support and serve and contribute to the world vitality vigorous the second one. The third one for me right now is i am hungry for surrounding myself with enthusiastic curious and gritty people. I had to put caribbean there. I m hungry for to work with specifically to work with. Because i work with partners all over the country and i am intending out there and throwing it out there that i am hungry for curious enthusiastic gritty people to work with to work closely with day in and day out to work together and grow together to transform together. And so these are three things that i am hungry for. And that are at the forefront of my mind that hold my attention day in and out and it could change. It could change. Hey my hip could be healed overnight and that one goes out the door. Because now i'm paying free or i get this explosion of vigor and vitality and it's no longer holding my attention for more or i find those five or six wellness partners that i'm looking to work with. Roll up my sleeves with downing dirty and grow and build and prosper together and now my my hunger changes. It's okay to hunger for something. What's really helpful is to know what you're hungry for. Because that directs your energy that director focus and that will help you take actionable steps every day to move toward what you're hungry for so i invite you to ask yourself that question today. I invite you to write it down. I invite you to let it roll around in your mind however you like to practice. These questions may be put it at the top of your to do list like i do. There is your morning question for the day so one more thing. Take a look at the show notes. Please i ask you to do that. Because there's a load of stuff there that i don't wanna discuss during these six minutes or less podcast episodes. There is information there on a product. I m using called amari edge. Which boosts your mood your motivation. There's the vigor vitality and your metabolism how about that for an added bonus mood motivation metabolism. It's a drink. It tastes like watermelon. I take it every single morning. I absolutely love it. You can check it out at care. Bradley dot net forward slash edge. Check it out. Let me know. Let's let's let's move forward with this bigger and vitality and delight for life together until next time be well.

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