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Eastern on nbc four blazer. I'm not your best clap. Their trump but will work on it. Do you feel you slapped your your arm. No i the fingers fingers connections. Yeah i understand that. Unfortunately it's the second show uso but week as you're listening to this. The us open is pretty much about to begin. Unless you're one of those people that listens really late like my mother for example so hello to my mother and my sister in law but they're out in colorado which is around like ten pm their time and they stay up a little later so they actually listened to it like before the women in your family. Thank you i appreciate. I don't think a single person my family listened to the show. Is that right. My man does so. I guess they might. I'll i'll hear about your mother big show. So we've got austin daily on austin daily. Was the victim in the corn. Terry korn ferry tour. It's been a long couple of days. Horn ferry door qualifier. Monday qualifier this past monday. Who got in a fistfight on the t- on the eighth. I believe it was or eighth hole at in kansas in newton. Kansas i believe is where it was this past monday. This story went crazy Cops were called arrests. Were made Austin daily tells the story from his vantage point and it's must-listen how would call it muscle. Yeah when that story started to trickle out we only saw headlines no videos anything like that so you just have to read about it and i was really happy or i was looking forward to talking to him just to get what actually went down from a guy who was there and very much involved in the fight and it's just it's great i. I don't know what types of words to us because we talked awesome for twenty five thirty minutes. Seems like a very nice great guy. So i don't want to talk about a story where he got sucker punched and then held down. I don't wanna call that a great story but it is a great story. That's a great story. It didn't happen to utah. Was such a nice guy that it's not a great thing for him. I don't wish ill ill wishes upon him. At all i love. He's awesome. Agnes great but it's a great story. I mean it's an amazing story so you know if you're reading a book it's a page turner. Yeah what's this one in the podcast world. Some word listener nelson a good story. Okay the guy's got a great store. So he's he was legitimately attacked in this round of golf. Words are exchange. There's people not looking for balls. Other people may chirps of you should hit the ball straight and then it turns into a rasp police in. It's amazing so that's coming up after we go through all the. Us open stuff. It's thursday so it's Transfusion thursday mixers more and more stores. And telling you amazon you can get it delivered right to you which is great. all these places. Now you can go. Get owens working hard to get it more golf courses. But the point is owens has a d. lucious recipe for several different mixers transfusions. One that we of course had been talking about on this show for years probably since our inception if you will i would say the first couple episodes of i'm sure we brought it up and it's just exploded since then and we were able to work with them taste testing all kinds of stuff to perfect that recipe. Put it in a cool cute little can and then put it in stores all across the country. So that all you use port him with your favorite Vodka of and you have a delicious delicious cocktail. He can do that. With paloma which is lurches. Big thing i've been with you these last couple of days lurch and people yellow you palomas not even like. Hey man i love palomas they just look you see you and they say palomas. It's like where people just yell pizza. Dave bonding thing. Golf from the l. One hundred luggage at me. A lot luggage is a good one guy luggage i. It doesn't feel good though much else. Luggage it you tell. You feels great. Does it yeah. Because i know what it is on it. They're calling me luggage right there saying you did a thing with luggage pointed at you in a derogatory way and said luggage. This isn't that a derogatory term in hockey. Maybe where like. You're just like your your luggage. Means you're kinda holding the whole group up. That's what i think that's right. Luggage is luggage. Just it takes longer guys absolute luggage when you travel and you have more luggage. You're just of less efficient traveled right. And i you know maybe some people just called me luggage not ready somebody that you're bringing your not adding any value to keep going forward. You've got to carry the luggage with it. We used to call behind his back. Our head coach ted that out who still head coach hockey now. We used to call them. Are you prepared for him to find this out. That's fine okay. I think he's a big fan. He loves the context big golfer. We call suitcase because like his last few years. Hiv played for like seven different case. Thanks that's almost a compliment Think you want to be on. One team consists better than opping on the team. Yeah but when you go from storied careers. She's like bruins for awhile rangers for a while. Then all of a sudden your case in the league and your coaching fucking rigs plan.

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