Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Companies Through Software Supplier Kaseya


Again? Another ransomware attack, hitting the supply chain in the U. S just hours before the beginning of this holiday weekend. It's affecting hundreds of businesses. Rachel Letterman, who covers breaking News and technology for The Washington Post, joined us earlier about this latest cyberattack a little bit unclear what exactly has happened, But basically, it seems At a ransomware attack is affecting this I T tool that's used by many different companies to kind of manage their networks. And getting him through these I T confirms that they work with and then locking down systems within hundreds of companies. That's what we're seeing from researchers so far. What's the name of the company that offers up this tool and what could potentially happen? Could hackers access these other companies with this tool itself? Yes, that was made by Cassia and the tour itself is called the Say it manages Cos I T And the concern is that if hackers can get in through this tool and then crawl their way into the company's other systems and lock those down, that could be really widespread right now. It's unclear how far the Attackers have gotten. We just know that they were hearing from researchers that they've hit eight of these companies that kind of manage I T for other firms. And then researchers are saying they've seen hundreds of companies so far have some of their system starts to get locked down. Now, what are they telling the affected companies to do? They want the effective companies to turn off their servers that run this BS? A tool So to say, I came out and said, You know, if you have a V s a server shut it off now because one of the first things these Attackers can do is lock out the admin. So if you're still able to get in and shut it down,

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