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A wide berth. What's going on Doug Turnbull, We'll be able to look out for that, thankfully. He doesn't get off the same time I do Okay at 5 43 of the sky Copter and up up over post road here in Douglas County. There's not a big delay with it. But the post Road is shut down with a gas leak of the dog River here about three or four miles south of I 20 to take note of that a year in the western suburbs on activity by if you don't have any lanes reported block of the outer loop is thick and stank from deputy all the way to 25 Western belt. Around that Hollowell Parkway exit 12 years enterprise between Sparta and covered with 25 northern Just stick it also, as people try to avoid the downtown connector through the gap carried 25 used itself is slow it don't want it off from nobody looks like there may be trouble around the Vista Road exit, 37. Needless to say, we'll update I want to. I want updates on that story, Uh, the uber driver shooting and killing someone because that's an interesting twist to this all too familiar story of people dying on our roads. Roger is in Roswell, Roger. Welcome to the marketing show what's going on, but Thank you very much,

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