A highlight from The Naked Truths Edition


Welcome to the promise. Podcast brought to you on t. v. one the voice of the city where just minutes after naftali bennett was sworn in as prime minister. An act that at the same time transformed prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu in into ex prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu tens of thousands of people started making their way on foot and bike and motorcycle and scooter all towards the same spot. As if driven by some great biological urge like salmon swimming upstream in rivers back to the place they were born so they can spawn there or geese flying south in great flocks to the same spot. They wintered the year before or elephants. Galumph ing hundreds of kilometers sometimes through bone-dry savannahs. Back to where they go each year and their parents and grandparents went before in this case all the people were heading back as if by instinct to robbing square where they are maybe their parents or maybe their grandparents came to scream and cheer. After the maccabi tel aviv. Basketball team won the european championship in nineteen seventy seven and where we came to rage. After we we learned about sabra and shatila and where we came night after night after robbing was murdered on that spot in one thousand nine hundred five and where we danced and doused ourselves in the fountain after donna. International won the eurovision song contest in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and where we gathered in solidarity and shocked silence after nine. Eleven and where we jumped into the fountain after nafta barzilai won the eurovision. Where so many of our best and worst moments were and we came again this time to be together and celebrate something. I am pretty sure lots of us. Couldn't figure out if we were really happy about it. All at least until we were all there and celebrating as i got closer to the square but still blocks away. The streets were already clogged with people. Young folks and old parents holding their little kids hands or wasting them on their shoulders. So many people that i had to get off and walk my bike the last couple of blocks and when i locked it to a post and got into the square.

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