U. S. Capitol, Steven Thurlow And Trump discussed on John McCulloch


Man is the 10th person from it's going to be charging connection to the January 6th right in the U. S. Capitol 50 year old Steven Thurlow was charged with breaking into the capital and disorderly conduct. FBI investigators say they received tips at their low posted photos of himself inside the Capitol on Facebook security camera footage. Gentlemen inside the building was used to confirm Thurlow was inside the building during January 6th insurrection. Former president Trump says the situation at the US Mexico border has never been worse. Speaking in Texas, Trump said President Biden is destroying our country because he repealed a trump era rule that forced asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until their court date in the U. S. Texas governor Greg Abbott says Biden needs to finish building the border wall. That Trump started. Company that operates hundreds of Pizza Hut and KFC stores around the country is diving deeper into the food business. Ampex Miranda's buying Our Bond, Han Be a deal for the Massachusetts based bakery Cafe chain was completely done Tuesday. Impacts also operates other name brands like Taco Bell and 7 11. We update traffic another four times an hour on Tim Cook on the Patriot if I want to 1.5 Km 1400 Hello, patriots. I'm Robert Dumpster. The positive

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