A highlight from A Pathetic John Cena Apology; Cena Apologizes to China After Calling Taiwan A Country; Kyrie Irving Hopes There's 'No Subtle' Racism in Boston; Kendrick Perkins Says He Never Experienced Racism in Boston


Tanna callahan podcast. Well we have a new winner. A new winner the celebrity who embarrassed themselves than any celebrity in the history of celebrities embarrassing themselves. It is john cena star of the wrestling ring and movies and fast and furious nine. He apologized for calling taiwan country. And he did it in mandarin. We will play the sound. There is nothing nothing that anyone's ever done. It is more humiliating. John cena is dead to me and to lots of americans. We'll we'll play some of that sound and we will discuss also kyrie irving that'd be the biggest dink in the nba. Made a preemptive strike. Said he hopes the garden. Boston garden fans aren't racist and game for game three friday night and as usual the media played right into his hands warned the boston fans to be on the best behavior. And you know for the next three days. We'll hear about tom. Yawkey in bill. Russell's bed to know that All the usual stuff will come out. it's going to be disgusting but we

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