A highlight from 2021 1st Round WR ADP for Best Ball


Use the code twenty one. Feast if you go over there. Sign up for another year which you should the amount of content. They're churning out is ridiculous especially for how much they charged date put out more and they charge less. Seems like a pretty good business model for those of you that like to get that extra inside the extra edge for fantasy. Check him out. underscored dolan he is the number one ranked fantasy analyst in the world over the last five years and he is rocking the exact right hat on today's show. Joe go sixers. I'm ready ross. You know like it was. I was actually listening drawn back from atlanta this past weekend. Listening to basketball on the radio and mcginnis who is the sixers radio. He's both the play by play guy in the analysts. He does it all himself. Just i don't you know you and i talk for a living. The guys who can call basketball and hockey on the radio and like paint a picture of what's going on in your list. These are chaotic sports on the radio and they can paint a picture of what's going on. I just utmost respect for those guys will actually listen to last sixers game against washington on the radio I'm i'm looking forward to tonight. Just like i just feel something about the team. They just like when when a guy is down. The next guy picks them up. Obviously to buy. Harris was ridiculous in game. One and beads always ridiculous and ben. Simmons is insane defensively and they've got they've got the only curry still alive in the nba. Play-off george hill has been a great addition to the team. I just i love root and form. I can't wait for tonight on raw some gonna be growing out some barbecue chicken with the best barbecue sauce in the world which is mustard based barbecue sauce. Bad as a controversial take. But i live in south carolina. So you have to. I love my carolina. Barbecue sauces could be making barbecue. Chicken going to be growing out can be watching the sixers tonight. It's gonna be fun you know and hopefully if you guys like watching the nba basketball maybe put a couple of wagers on the draftking sportsbook. Of course maybe we can talk some fantasy football. Get you in a best ball draft. Ross in my first draftkings best ball draft right now It's a slow draft. But i opened it interesting and i'm sure as as we go through In the next coming months we're going to be talking about like draftkings. Adp in some of the strategies on on drafting of fantasy football but some of the adp. A really interesting. And i managed to open my team from the ten spot with tyree kill I'm open tyree kill at ten nick. Chubb at fifteen miles sanders. Thirty four. And i think like some of the adp's on draft kings are a little bit different than what you're used to because some of the scoring and we'll talk about all that. But when i finish this team hopefully by week it's slow draft on. We'll be able to talk about it and pick up some of the things i've noticed but i hope everybody you know you're on draftking sportsbook best ball. You're doing all that while you're watching basketball tonight. It's it's a wonderful time of year. I am working by the way on getting that. Set up that you. And i can do. Best ball drafts against our listeners or viewers and absolutely dominate them. I can't wait. yes. I'll be watching the sixers joe and i both grew up different areas outside of philadelphia but still as bands of the philadelphia. Sports teams. I will just say this before we dive into the wide receiver rankings. It's going to be a very valuable episode talking about rookie. Wide receiver rankings. We've already done over the last few weeks. The tight ends the quarterbacks the running back so you can hear where joe has. These guys ranked not only amongst each other but where he hasn't ranked among all the veterans at the position. I'll just say one last thing about the nba and yes. Draftkings has a good promotion. Use the code. Ross but i really dislike the nets like i really first of all joe you grew up in eastern pennsylvania like right on the border right right right literally right across in eastern pennsylvania which is in the lehigh valley which is about an hour outside of philly and the rivalry. I didn't go to eastern high school. I went to catholic school. Boy i went to. I went to notre dame high school in easton pennsylvania but of the the big football rivalry. There is eastern philipsburg philipsburg in new jersey and their name is literally the state liner so like literally i grew up on the state line of pennsylvania jersey. Joe is that noting of green pond. I went to notre dame of green pond. Yes oh that's an eastern. I didn't know yes. Yes that's an eastern. The i am the second most famous. Alum of notre dame green pond after marco andretti. Yeah that's the. I'm also be second most famous person from eastern pennsylvania on sirius. Xm

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