Graham Hurley Discusses His New Book 'Flight to Stalingrad'


And today i'm interviewing graham hurley there. How how're you doing today. I'm fine i'm fine. I'm just a little bored and a little cold. We've had fantastic with about a week. A now. it's gone. Suddenly miserable see ours is just starting to turn a slightly more fantastic of well. I'm hoping i could help with being bored on this episode. So can you tell me about your books. Yes quite a long story. And i'll try and condense it i. I've always wanted to be a writer. Ever since i can remember. So that makes me very little in and like most writers. It took me a while to get published. I don route in that journey to getting published. I did various things off to university. I wrote endless unpublished mercifully unpublished novels and then in the mid eighties In in early middle age I was working for a tv. Company is making documentaries as it happened. Wearing mid atlantic was american crew trying to hunt for locate. Make a film about the titanic and took forever to find this. This ocean liner and in the downtime on board the survey vessel. I struck up a relationship with the captain who had to be english and he was crazy about reading about books about everything that will represented and are shared with him a lifelong desire to become a published writer as opposed to an unpublished writer. And he said well. We're not finding the liner so off. You go borough the radio room tomorrow. I've got a typewriter. And i have to say from that point on. I didn't look back.

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