A highlight from Angela Lewis (Ep. 28, 2021)


From the university of texas at austin k ut radio this is in black america. Actually i have been in la for a year. I auditioned personnel. Saw didn't get it and then a year later almost exactly came back around. And i was like. Oh no this. Was that opening scene with louis. Fighting girls complain like that. Might i know this is an and i am getting ready to go overseas for a wedding. So i don't think i'm gonna be available for this and my manager was like us wrong. I will put a picture up at every gate in the airport. Do not let this on the plane. We check the vowed that. And when i made addition down and and i did the first time i didn't take the second time i went in person. Actress andrew lewis costa the delay john singleton f. x. series snowfall broadcast on fx on july fifth. Twenty seventeen. the crime drama series created by the late academy award nominated writer and director john. Singleton explores the crack cocaine epidemic in nineteen eighty los angeles. This series appeared on showtime in twenty fourteen and was picked up by fx ten episode season in september twenty sixteen in august twenty nineteen fx new series for four season filming was suspended due to covid nineteen pandemic in march twenty twenty one series renewal by fx for fifth season and snowfall lewis. A louis saint a hardened toughest nail drug addict with ambitious dreamscapes of south central los angeles and season four. She has taken over the trade and is ready to make her own name in the game. The detroit native is also a new mom giving birth to brooklyn and twenty nineteen along with a and j. battery cre- they are experienced enjoys being first time parents. I'm johnny o. Hanson junior and welcome to another edition of in black america on this week's program snowfall would actress angela. Lewis in black. America price points right but it can't on it. We said the market. We sell a hundred thousand off a single key. People become bay is. We'll catch when it does. We be making seven figures. Franklin is with without us better for him if we in drunk not a good life at only listed like enough rack. When i was a little girl that and bruce manhandled. Tv big old radio record player on top memo transmit from chicago w. l. sunday nights. They were playing live big band. That women in their evening dresses men and their tuxedos. Maybe i'm wanted more than anything. Be in that room logo right now. Maybe do seven figures a month. Baby this word will be whatever we wanted. I did a deep dive in louis and to get a better understanding of who she was and how she got to where she gives me where she was and what i discovered was that she you you know was abused and underestimated and told no and i just loved her so much and i really wanted her to win and i wanted to protect her and i wanted to bring her humanity to the screen and and i and i just didn't know if i thought if i say no i don't know who they're gonna give it to. What if they don't do a right. What what if she ends up being a stereotyped and so so i'd say yes to protect louis and then when i got there that's when i realized oh we're telling the truth here it is everybody's intentions bring the humanity the truth of the story and the humanity of these players. Angelou lewis has made a big impression with her. Co starring role in fx is snowfall the crime drama about the rise of crack cocaine in one thousand nine hundred eighty s los angeles the ethics series. Send around the can and bishop franklin saint who is described by the series website as young entre nous on will power lewis. Play on louis sank the tough but tend to run with was ready to help franklin when he becomes involved in the dangerous criminal enterprise that spawn devastating epidemic and addition to snowfall. Lewis has gone on a number of rose. From some of the most lustrous off broadway play productions to award winning drama television born and raised in detroit michigan lewis credit her drives assess to the city of detroit and the public school education. Should be at ten and cass technical high school where she was active in theater during the formative years she designed to be an actress and sue became an entertainment for the family. She received a degree in data performance at the university of michigan and soon after moved to new york city to pursue her acting career. Recently and black america spoke with talented actress. Thank you for having me. As we mentioned earlier we are both from the motor city. So tell us what was life like going up for you and detroit man. My experience of trade was really fun. my parents worked hard to keep me occupied. My dad would always say. Oh well it now. There's been too long Devil's workshop like nine the devil's workshop. So they kept me busy. My sister and i and all kinds of after school activities summer activities and you know taking long road trips to the south and the summer and dance classes and music classes and school plays and church play and requires everything. I went to base academy school for the gifted and talented from the third grade and eighth grade and prior to that. I was at

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