A highlight from Hey, what does science know? & Dungeness bay mystery Ch. 14


Welcomed true mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often lost in the midst of time. When i do a story that has to do with the pacific northwest a lot of times. It starts here and leads to other strange things. And that's what happened today. Story on deja-vu when you go to a new place or meet someone that you've never met before. Have you had the feeling that you knew that person or event that place but four. Well if you have. You're not alone and this is where it began where the story began when i was researching this story. A friend janet. Carver nodar real name. Said she grew up in las vegas but eventually move to shasta city california. She told me it wasn't uncommon for her to have the name of a friend that she grew up with pop. Endure ed and within minutes would run into that person in shasta. Although janet's experience is not deja vu i felt was in the same league and so i've included with the story. Wikipedia says that they should lose the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before the phrase translates literally as already seen although some interpret deja vu in a paranormal contacts. Mainstream scientific approaches rejected explanations of deja voodoo as pre cognition or prophecy. So how science explained issue they. The world of science has four possible causes of what is referred to deja vu. Attentional explanations of deja vu involved and initial perception that is made under degraded attention which is then followed by a second. Take under full attention for example. If you are about to unlock the front door of your house and you momentarily are distracted by a noise in the distance when you return to the task of locking the door. The first perception may seem for their raw. In the past distraction that separates these two perceptions could be as fleeting as an eye blink. Then there are memory explanations. Make the assumption that some detail of new experiences familiar but the source of this familiarity has been forgotten. The premise of this explanation is that people encounter countless things during the course of the day. The don't pay attention to all of the information later. Reprocessing of the information may occasionally induced familiarity and deja-vu and there it is. That's what science thinks. Dual processing explanations of deja vu suggests that to usually synchronous cognitive processes become Momentarily a synchronous. For example familiarity and retrieval could become out of sync. Alternatively perception in memory could become a synchronous neurological explanations of deja vu attribute phenomenon to either a small temporal lobe seizure in a person without epilepsy or to a delay in neural transmission between the eyes ears and other perceptual organs and higher organ processing centers. In the brain dual processing explanations have received a lot of attention they are much more philosophical theoretical less Mechanistic but dual processing explanations. Can't be tested. Didn't allow similarly neurological explanations or appealing in their neurological basis and seem logical but again we lack the advanced technology to test them thus dual processing and neurological explanations are less germane to researchers instead attention and memory explanations are best supported by what we know about cognition and can be tested. While that takes the fun out of experiencing deja vu let me tell you that just because science has a variety of explanations doesn't mean they are more accurate than the person thinks. It is a paranormal activity in the brain. Where in the spirit or an energy. So science doesn't necessarily win. Out on the definition of deja vu and now chapter fourteen of the joe outta bright dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series in chapter thirteen. We found that. Alex have been brought to the apothecary. Joanna had encountered mac masterson. Who actually took her to the ground or rather she took him to the ground and a leg. Lock still. this is where chapter. Fourteen picks up. Mac masterson walked up next to joe. Atta the foot of the bed. Silently lockdown at. Alex whose loyalties are improving sometimes from the body is subject to traumatic shock. Like the fall he took. It goes into a coma. You know like it's checking all the circuits at this point. He's in a deep sleep and should wake up in the next twenty four to forty eight hours. They were going to metabolic him to california tonight. We just couldn't let that happen. Snow said you felt the same way though. They sorry about the bear hug

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