Primary Leader Adams Calls Himself ‘Face of the New Democratic Party’


Update, this is coming out of New York. Um, the Democrat who is running for mayor of New York. Interesting guy's name is Eric Adams. Don't know if you know a whole lot about him. Um, he told reporters Quote. I am the face of the new Democratic Party. He's leading in the polling there right now. Former police officer Uh he was the president of the New York City borough of Brooklyn and former captain in the New York City Police Department. And in the closing weeks of the mayoral campaign, the primary at least he said that curbing the increase of crime and gun violence in the city would be his top priority. And he and he is making his issuing this warning to the very left leaning part of the party. He is considered a moderate. Yeah, that game's over. He said, Uh, this I'm the new face. He's more moderate. Well, the crime is off the charts charts off the charts, and, um, Andrew Yang, I mean, he's totally out of it. I mean, he came in, like fifth or something. I mean, slipped that much. She really dead and then on the Republican side, Curtis Leela, who is the founder, the Guardian Angels and has been in that city, you know, since dirt He came out on top in the Republican side, but that's really I mean, that's I mean, what are the chances that a Republican becomes rule? Rudy Giuliani was mayor man. That's true, but the way the way they they break out right now in New York, it's looking more

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