U.S. Senate Candidate Sean Parnell Says Biden Isn't Being Tough on China


Know, but they need to know to so on this China problem with Biden. I mean, we've got a serious issue right now, Sean again. We're talking to Sean Parnell. I mean, the guy is weak. And China. Listen, they're not the economic superpower we are. Let's not overdramatize they maybe in the future, but they're not now. I mean, they have one aircraft carrier. I think that's going to be nuclear powered, coming online. What we have nine or but when we got a few more, I mean, so they're not really on par with us. But there it's nothing to sneeze at. Either. Their military is significant, and this guy is weak. I mean, he's out there yesterday in the press conference, mumbling, stumbling bumbling around. You know, your thoughts on this guy is Commander in chief. Given your service in the military? Well, I think there's no question that he's weak, and I think many of the questions that people in Pennsylvania have and probably across the country is who's really running the show. And I think by and large, most people believe that, you know, he doesn't take China seriously enough. Now you're right not to build China up too much. But the fact of the matter is that in 10 years Like they will have an economy that eclipse his hours. If continuing has that we're on right now, From an economic standpoint, from a military standpoint, I mean, look, they're not shy about their geopolitical goals. Their goal in China is to depose the United States of America as the lone world superpower and I mean, and if you look at the way that we've handled this whole lab leak theory, which I don't think it's a theory. Actually think coronavirus Lab. China has not had to face any repercussions for that at all. And it doesn't seem like no Biden is inclined to hold China accountable for the play today, at least on the world. So yet my fear Is that leadership is about strength, especially when you're leading the number one superpower in the world with the strongest military in the world, like projecting strength at all times, and Joe

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