Chinese Government Knew Early About Coronavirus Lab Leak


Did they know, but they knew early. They knew early on that this was a potent, potentially deadly virus. Whether it escaped or was done deliberately. We don't know. But once it was out there, they did nothing to warn us. And it was here way before we thought it was What's more evidence clues. Give me another data point. Showing that they knew in China, the C G code, sick lab workers, SARS and MERS not being as able to infect human beings as coronavirus within your perfect ability to do it. Remember this story I discussed was a couple weeks ago. Wall Street Journal from May 23rd this year Intelligence on six staff at Wuhan Lab fuels debate on Covid 19 origin Folks our intelligence community knew to listen to this. Three Researchers from China's Wuhan Institute of Virology became sick enough in November of 2019 that they sought hospital care. According to a previously undisclosed U. S intelligence report. Chinese government knew Three researchers fell ill at the Wuhan lab. How do you explain that? So for the folks on the left in the media have been attacking John Stewart, the comedian who again there's no friend to the conservative movement at all, but they've been attacking him suggesting he's making up a conspiracy theory that this originated in Wuhan lab. You don't have evidence. No, you don't have evidence. You don't have evidence that this is natural. We have a bevy a body of evidence that this in fact was created in the lab. And created two perfectly infect human beings.

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