More Corporate Ransomware Victims


A canadian company that runs several medical clinics across the country may have been victimized by data theft the marchetto criminal marketplace one of the places where crooks sell stolen data is listing the company on its website. The company hasn't responded to my requests for comment. The website has posted copies of what it says is part of what was stolen as proof of the hack. A security researcher sent me one of the documents which looks like contact information between the healthcare chain and and alberta university as if the windows print spoiler vulnerability wasn't enough of a problem. Now there's news. Possibly millions of printers may by hp xerox and samsung have a printer driver vulnerability. That's been around for over fifteen years. Researchers at sentinel labs are urging it administrators and individuals with printers from these companies to make sure they have the latest printer drivers hp issued fixes in may. The report says three hundred and eighty hp and samsung printer models as well as at least a dozen xerox models are affected. The good news is researchers have seen no evidence yet that hackers know about and have exploited this problem to compromise computers

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