A highlight from BOX347: Reptilian Slight Of Hand


Oddities. Can't i don't argue much. But we got into a heated discussion at target over potatoes yesterday. We'll we have discovered a real trend in when we do have a disagreement. It's almost always the same problem miscommunication. Yeah yeah like you said. What do you want to have for dinner tonight. I said let's let's do fishing chips in you said should potatoes and i said no fish and chips and you're like well chips or french fries in. They're made of potatoes. You not know what french fries are made us. So we had this heated discussion at target. About what What french fries were made from and people were staring at us now. They weren't well one little old lady was she was. She was actually looking at the fine. Cheese selection at target and She she's trying not to be noticed but she was kind of giving us the sideways glance. Subtly eavesdrop old. Yeah not even that subtly but you'll be glad to know we worked it out and that The disconnect was. We often have fish. Y nut real fish but you know vegan fish with Mashed potatoes your thing. Yeah right you you like and so fish and mashed potato right. So i said fish and chips and you said should potatoes and i immediately thought you meant to make mashed potatoes and so i thought you hadn't heard me say chips chips and you thought that i didn't know what chips were made from. Yeah it's interesting. Our last three arguments have literally been about the word potato table. Yup and apartment apartment. Yeah yeah right yeah. Welcome into our life. Why are you looking at me like that. Why aren't you listening to me. So what do you got for me today. My love eastland county about two hours. West of dallas was booming in the last part of the nineteenth century so much so in fact that the community needed a larger courthouse which was to be dedicated in eighteen. Ninety seven. was the clock tower hit by lightning. The town had a ceremony kicking off the construction that included the creation of a time capsule. No so much fun right so this time. Capsule was to be embedded in the cornerstone of the courthouse. It contained a bible. A bottle of liquor. some documents to mark the special occasion a bible and a bottle of liquor. They've got it covered from both angles. That's right earnest would was part of the time capsule ceremony business and his four year old will would had recently captured a horned toad and there was a widely held theory that horn toads which are actually lizards can hibernate for one hundred years so earnest. Had this idea that it would be fun to conduct an experiment See where this is going so this sweet gentle lizard. That didn't do anything. Got tossed in the time capsule with the bible and the documents the booze and walled up in the courthouses structure so thirty years later it's either not a very good courthouse or the community had grown so much that they needed a new so this old courthouse was being demolished and everyone kind of had forgotten about this horned toad except for ernest. He told the local newspaper. He was like listen. We've got this courthouse that we're demolishing but in the cornerstone. We did this time. Capsule your member and there literature right and so the newspaper spread the word and the people wanted to know what had become of blinky. The horned toad named him blinky will will woodhead named him bling before blinky was stolen from him jammed into a box and put in the cornerstone of a building. Right okay about three thousand people wanted to know what had become of blinky. That's amazing so they gathered outside the courthouse to watch the reopening of this cornerstone. Did blinky pop out with a cane. Top hat hello. My baby hello mahane. Hello my ragtime guy no It only been thirty one years and again. The the theory was that horn toads could hibernate for one hundred years Coincidentally by the way today is the anniversary of george romero's death just wanted to out. There acknowledge the master his passing on this day the zombie master and then zombie toads right anyway. According to roadside america officials hovering over the cornerstone included the county judge and at least three local clergymen to ensure that no one would try to sneak in a bogus lizard a little ripped ilian sleight of hand right so the time capsule was opened and blinky was produced alive no shit he was dusty grey flat as a pancake. His horns were worn down. Apparently from the friction of having been locked in a box for thirty one years His mouth was sealed. Shut from inactivity. This is vile But he was alive and quickly. Renamed told rip after the legendary character. A rip van winkle who took twenty year nap only in this case blinky had no interest in taking this thirty one year nap. He was forced into a box again. We get the idea by garbage. Humans old rip was immediately a sensation. Of course he was he was he was a resurrected horn. Towed should've named him. Lazarus that would have been no hold. Rep is good will. Would the kid who you might remember leaky originally belong to you. Right actually belonged to nature. But let's move on. Yes we get. It will would went on tour with old rip. They traveled the united states. Together old rip was written about in the new york times in the journal. Science newsreels staged reenactments of the cornerstone ceremony with the time capsule being put in the cornerstone and then taken out again glorious. He the most famous animals since the serpent in the garden of eden must've been loving this well. Apparently he didn't care very much. I mean he was being fed so he was jazzed about nat But he was kept in a little fish bowl. oh some dirt and some crickets. He was

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