Dressing Up Those Summer Salads

Plant Strong


One of the things that i wanted to share with our listeners. Today is this incredible. Balsamic dressing that. I've been using all of my summer. Salads and i love oprah definitely follow her favorite things list and i feel like we need to do a plant strong team favorites list and this would definitely be on there. So can i talk about this product out judgment. Because you're gonna think. I'm out of my mind for the money that i spend on a ball stomach vinegar so i won't wanna do want to know how much you spend on. So nobody would bat an eye for a forty dollar bottle of wine rate and in our household. Don't drink we're not buying the filet mignon or the lobster tails or the fancy specialty cheeses rates. So when we do splurge it's on things like vinegar and this is one of my favorite products. So it's the cuccia in moray balsamic vinegar of modina. It's thirty five to forty dollars a bottle at whole foods which it's expensive. Yes but a little goes a long way. All you need is the finest little drizzle and the reason is so. It's so expensive is because it's really reduced. They're more grapes in this than there is in the average Balsamic vinegar and as you can see. I'm kinda like singing. Around with maple syrup super syrupy. I mean you know it's sticking to the side of the bottle and it's absolutely delicious so this is also one of my favorite gift ideas. If there's somebody living plant shung diet living the plant strong lifestyle eating whole food. Plant based maybe. I don't want to bring them some chocolates. Maybe i don't wanna bring them some wine. I'll bring them really nice bottle of

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