A highlight from Camille Saint-Sans. A symphonic collection.


That was music from sansone symphony number. Two in a minor and now to greek mythology and the legend of lydian queen on vowed that involves the mythical hero hercules who was condemned by apollo to serve her disguised as a woman at the beginning of this piece and som- portrays the sound of the spinning wheel at which on file and her maids worked. Although the story is certainly complicated in san cells hands the orchestra sparkles Only a Among the most popular of the orchestral works. Samsung is dance makapa. It's scored for a huge orchestra. That unusually at the time includes xylophone. That's used to suggest the rattle of dry bones. Dance of death also involves a solo violin. The violin death that leads the dance. The story or inspiration for peace comes from a poem by only custody that starts with the verses zig zig zag death in time knocking tomb with his. He'll death at midnight plays dance tune zig zig zag on his violin. The winter wind blows and the night is dark. Groans come from the line trees. The white skeletons go through the darkness running. And leaping

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