The Bottle vs. Tap Battle: Which Tastes Better?



Are in the ring with tap and bottled and it's time for the first round. Let's start with a question of taste. My name is martin reason. I live in los angeles. And i am a water somali. So many years at gentleman who works in a restaurant and recommends to from wine pairings. I'm doing the same with water. Amazingly this is not satire. This is real mini documentary all about martin the war to somali. Sometimes i'm so proud to be angelino my passion for water against child but a drinker professionally since two thousand this whole water semi business has got to be totally well to keep it clean. I'm going to call it bull honky a water sommelier. This is penn and teller's point exactly that it's hor spooky that said their guests. Were totally fooled by the fancy menu. Even though they were drinking identical glasses of water what do you think about the amazon pressure. Okay now i can take on. this is definitely tasted. It's it's almost too easy to make fun of this. Whole business of different waters tasting different. But also penn and teller isn't necessarily the most trusted source for food news so we figured we should be open minded and scientific and test this whole thing out ourselves. We bought a bunch of different types of bottled waters and we through our own top water into the tasting mix. and then we each deputized partners. Tim and jeff to create a blind taste test for us. Tim down fourteen little glasses. Got a hold of some tap water and then he opened and poured each bottle and one cam here in los angeles. Jeff did the same following the instructions. On tim's spreadsheet we'd picked an american spring water the couple of european mineral waters some bottled process tap water specifically aquafina and then to mix things up. We added one of those bogus alkaline waters and some artesian water. All the way from the south pacific we have an array of glasses and each row of glasses represents different types of bottled water. There is some tap water in there to throw you off and we are hoping to see that you might or might not be able to tell the difference. I have to say. I embarked on this with a lot of confidence in my discriminatory abilities. At least when it comes to beverages nothing None of my previous wine tasting experience is helping me here but let me take a sip.

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