Interview With John Paul Brammer, the Man Behind Hola Papi



Many people know you from la. Poppy what you've been doing for almost four years now. How has taken over this advice. Giving role changed how you handle and think about things in your own life you know. Interestingly enough not that much just because the you know the column really started out as a parody as a sort of satire. And i thought i was just going to do that. The whole way through and then once i started receiving letters that were a little more serious than hitting on issues. That you know really hit me. In my heart. I was like. Oh gosh i have started taking this call more seriously so i think that that for me was the biggest part that idea that like i could maybe be a mentor. Figure for someone out there that i wanted to do more good than harm in those situations and yet it made me a more ethical citizen of the internet for one and also kind of realize that we are all sort of mentor to someone whether we know it or not and we have to be careful like the dirty secret of advice. Columns is that you don't really give advice if someone's dating and abusive boyfriend. Yeah sure telling them. But like if i were to ask how they repair relationship with my father like. There's not an easy prescription there. Oh exactly yeah. I'm wondering like how do you think about what your role is an answering questions. I had the idea of the advice column as you know you get a question and you try to help that person. But i realized very quickly i was like but i'm inviting hundreds and hundreds of other eyeballs into this column is going to end up being when it gets published and that sort of into this other kind of object it exists on the internet. It's slowed of there for a bunch of other people to relate to more so than just trying to fix this one specific person's life and i don't think that's a bad thing necessarily just a realistic thing. You're probably not going to hit the nail on the head hundred percent of the time and fix this person's life with your little piece of content on the internet but that doesn't mean the advice column can't be a worthwhile vehicle for expressing sincere sentiments and maybe helping people tease things out and maybe helping people explore themselves in a deeper way. So that's how. I always approach my columns. I see it as more in avenue for the kind of writing. I enjoy more so than me actually trying to like in and solve problems

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