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Hello how you doing. Good glad to be back balance about today. Well it is just kind of the perfect view. I've i was watching you both on twitter taking your own notes. Doing some live tweeting. Ww dc of course especially when you do anything with apple focused where certainly apple focused to a point here on s but stobbe podcast. It's definitely in your wheelhouse so really great to have both of you. We are going to get into as much of the wwe details as we can fit into one show in just a few minutes before the show we were talking on good day. Internet just about A little bit about ww dc. And what we sort of liked and didn't like but we also talked about haunted lakes. If you want to know a little bit more about that wider conversation you could do so by becoming a member at dot com slash s. Let's start with a few at nine. Ww dc tech things. You should know facebook. Ceo mark zuckerberg announced that the company will continue to not charge fees for it's paid online events fan subscriptions and badges through twenty twenty three and will include upcoming news products in that no fee policy as well no word on what the rate will be after twenty twenty three. But if there's any question why. Facebook is doing. This zack. said when we introduce a revenue share. It will be less than the thirty percent that apple and others take zingy singapore based flex the world's three biggest largest chip manufacturer expects chip shortages to continue flexes chief procurement and supply chain officer. Lynn terrell says would such strong demand. The expectation is mid to late. Twenty twenty two. Depending on the commodity. Some are expected in two twenty twenty. Three chipmakers continued to invest in new production capacity but new facilities are not yet complete the california public utilities commission issued a permit to gm's autonomous vehicle subsidiary crews allowing the company to shuttle passengers in its test vehicles without a human safety operator. Cruise is the first company to get the permit in the state and cannot charge affairs for rides test a vis nine companies including crews have previously obtained driverless test permits from the california dmv. That's different from the public. Utilities commission although neuro remains the only company to have obtained a commercial deployment permit from the dmv youtube shorts still in beta and previously available in the us and india is now expanding to the u k canada and latin america users will now be able to use music from youtube wider catalog add captions and overlays on shorts color. Correct and sample audio from other shorts. Sounds familiar And google settlement with francis competition authority over charges that had abused its dominant online at position by favouring its own advertising services to the detriment of rivals. The company agreed to pay a two hundred twenty million euro fine and pledged to improve interoperability between its ad manager and third party ad servers the changes stem between nineteen complaint filed by newscorp and the french newspaper le figaro. Right before we get into some. Ww dc news. We did have a pretty big story over the weekend that that spins a tale of sorts about two different national approaches to cryptocurrency in a broadcast at the bitcoin. Twenty twenty one conference el salvador's president naib a announced that he will send a bill to the country's congress to make bitcoin legal tender. Currently the us dollar is legal tender in the country. El salvador will partner with the digital wallet companies strike to build up bitcoin financial infrastructure strike first launched its mobile payments app in the country. Back in march quickly becoming el salvador's most downloaded up. So there's some demand. There el salvador largely operates as a cash economy with about seventy percent of the population without bank accounts or credit cards one would think ripe for cryptocurrency to be adopted in possibly mass numbers currently about twenty percent of the country's gdp comes from remittances sent home from migrants abroad and bitcoin transfers for these would avoid international transfer fees. Or you know that would be something that could be sold to a person who's thinking about getting into this. Meanwhile china continues to crack down on bitcoin trading and mining as many currency related accounts. Wha were blocked over the weekend with more actions expected to come in line with the country's criminal access to band accounts was denied with a message saying that they violate laws and rules a little bit of a general thing. But that's what it said. China's central bank development of its own develop is developing its own digital currency and is continuing to do so. Yeah they're they're trialing. That's on some limited basis to kind of feel for how that's gonna fall. And i think a lot this this. Bitcoin news out of el salvador. I think a lot of people saw okay. When bitcoin i got started there was a lot of speculation of. Oh you know what's the what's the future of currency going to be You know we've we've seen various businesses and industries kind of varying adopt different types of crypto currency. Bitcoin certainly prominent in that group But you know. I think a for a for a lot of speculation was okay so this is showing you know having this decentralized approach being able to avoid some of these gatekeepers and stuff like that this is the way before a digital currency obviously what china is doing right now the. Us great britain. The also all looking into this What else is doing. I mean when you look at that twenty percent of gdp some of these fees that come from These women's international transfers can be up to ten percent. So you're looking at something that this could be like. You know if this seems mass adoption and given that you know the the the apple it's back in the strike you know is is very popular in the country could be a not insignificant boost to their gdp just by this simple move You know So it will be. It will be interesting to see how they lay that financial infrastructure and are able to. If this actually able to do to help people kind of get more advanced money. Transfer services i you know i. It would still be an un- largely une banked Population but what kind of difference that could make. Yeah yeah no kidding. I guess my question would be real fast. Is how developed is el salvador where the majority of people don't have bank accounts zero learning curve returns. Bitcoin is something they're going to have to overcome in order to do. This guy seemed like the learning curve. Again i'm not familiar with el salvador like that but are they. Technology advanced where they can jump on this fast enough to be able to take advantage. Worry could ads for gdp. That's a really good question. I'm not never having been there. I'm not much of an expert myself. But i kind of liken it to the idea of oh well if you if you're you're mostly dealing with cash whether it's going in or coming in or going out and you're not banking. It's not doing a lot of online banking. you think. Well there's you know possibly A lot of of home computers yet to be had but if you can access an app that doesn't bank account and you're skipping on so fees it's almost like folks that jumped to the smartphone life. Without having the computer. I type of a thing. It's probably the adoption is probably pretty darn easy money to to the point where banking might look like well. That's the old way of doing things. Sure a lot more complicated than what we're being sold. Y collins can fly jacci well. We've seen curb displays and foldables plays on consumer electronics for a few years. Now certainly prototypes in definitely now things we can actually buy. And we've seen rollable displays on the horizons. If c is any indication now samsung showed off a prototype of a stretchable led display that can be stretched in like rubber bands.

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