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Downloaded now. Well. Texas governor Greg Abbott said he would reveal more this week after saying his state would bill barriers along its southern border with Mexico. Texas has born the brunt of relaxed border enforcement with authorities interdicting more than 170,000 illegal migrants Monthly. Now governor Greg Abbott says the Texas Legislature plans to spend a billion dollars of its own money. To increase enforcement. Outside of federal involvement, the ability to arrest will be enhanced. By building border barriers. Some of these border barriers will be will be built immediately. Evan Brown Fox News in California is just days away from reopening its economy. But business owners who have struggled in the past year say they still face an uncertain future merchants and restaurant owners on Los Angeles Oldest Street told the AP. They are hopeful that it will bring a recovery, but they're still hurting. Martha Medina, who owns the largest shop on Olvera Street, says she does not expect to return to normal but to a semi normal, cutting back to being opened five days instead of day. The the state is due to lift restrictions Tuesday, plus a federal judge dismisses a lawsuit from hospital workers in Houston, who refused to get a coronavirus vaccine days after Houston Methodist Hospital suspended more than 100 and 70 employees refusing to get vaccinated for Covid 19 federal judge has sided with the hospital. 117 of them filed the lawsuit. The judge, ruling that the vaccine requirement was not coercion but necessary to keep staff patients and their families say for the employees have been suspended without pay for 14 days for not complying with the hospitals vaccine requirement. They argued they could not be forced to be vaccinated, saying Covid vaccines were experimental and had only been given emergency use only status by the FDA. An attorney for the employees vowed to appeal all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court if necessary. Sue Guzman Fox News.

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