Pulitzer Board Honors Teen Who Filmed George Floyd’s Murder


On the afternoon of may twenty fifth twenty twenty. She was taking her nine year old cousin to buy snacks at an unremarkable corner. Store in minneapolis called cup foods quite literally the definition of minding her own business when she made a quick decision. That would change. The course of history shook out her phone. She started recording. What became the murder of a man in the street. In broad daylight under the knee of a police officer she chronicled the departure of life from the body of the man. We now know. As george floyd today. Darnell frazier was recognized with a special citation from the board that awards the pulitzer prize as reuters. Reported it today quote the citation at the twenty twenty one. Pulitzer prize ceremony is a rare instance of the board recognizing the journalistic achievement of someone with no professional experience in the field. A striking distinction in the genre sometimes known as citizen journalism frazier. Eighteen was recognized for recording quote a transformative video that jolted viewers spurred protests against police brutality around the world and no it is not hyperbole to say that darnell frazier's decision in that moment changed the world people marched around the world. George floyd's name has been spoken in remembrance in the oval office. It's the title of a proposed act of congress. Indeed what darnell frazier did in that. Moment was the definition of electronic journalism as ugly and stomach-turning as the video is to watch the question remains. Would we be saying the name. George floyd were it not for the bravery and presence of mind of a young woman named dr nella frazier

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