Unexpected Bucks-Nets Drama


Man. How much can change over the course of the weekend. I'll watch game three. And i thought that's gave it away. They're fine. that's about as dumb of game as they're gonna lose. They easily could have won nine different times. They played terribly. They still almost one. And i'm not sure what walkie has for answers. Go into game for the nets are up thirty. Four twenty five have all the momentum schimidt face commits a foul and middleton four point play and it opens the floodgates bucks go at a nineteen to to run. Kyri sprains his ankle during the run and the entire series shifts. And now kyrie is out. We have no idea when hardens coming back and you saw what the nets looked like as a one man team russillo. It's sunday the bucks. Flip this series. Yeah i mean they did because now we don't know about the kyri part but i'll tell you like just doesn't happen very often because i felt like milwaukee you look at him. You're like all right. I like him look all the size. Look at all this stuff. Those first two games are so bad in game three. Even though they want a bill. I felt worse about him. I go this say this has like. There's a version of this breakdown. Which i still will probably do. And perhaps regret because the bucks of winning the series of his just durant but there are fundamental problems that this team has Would jaanus being the initiator and so many things in middleton was for two games drew. Holiday can do anything. We're like three games. He was a little better. They shot it better and felt like once kyri went down it was forty four forty five forty two left in the second quarter at the nets just emotionally were like in shock. They were very flat for a long period of time. And then i think milwaukee actually kind of matched their lack of emotion but it was just. They had more options in other tucker was river under and they're very physical with

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