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Guys. Welcome the frigging all right one more time. Shut up do this. Some people don't clap like somebody don't appreciate like profanity right out of the gate or even like it is aggressive or neighbors to them so just more time just one more time one more time. Hey baby blinds in baby. Girls ain't my benny while valley cast. You're offended. I get it all your buddies out there that i just don't like i'm not a big fan of censorship and that's today's topic on the show guys. Welcome to the valley. Cast you know. I just were. It's we're we're rocketing into the summer. That's my favorite bryan adams song. Who's the guy that does o.'neil young. That's good neil. Young song rocketing into the summer. Ragging it now. That's not a good news anyways. Welcome to acting what podcast three or four back in the office here. we're in person. We can feel each other emotionally and physically more more so than usual Yeah bam movie. Movie is it's nice. It's good to be in the room with you boys. I have something to talk about when you guys are ready to dive every game but wait. I'd like to be the movie game. I just wanna relish a little bit in us being in the same room together. If that's okay. I just think it's a good man. It's real good. You know because the pandemic kept a lot of people kind of like isolated away from people and they're trying to be kind and they are trying to be healthy and happy but you know i think as humans as social beings creatures of social being things. I've we need it. We need the so-called energies of having physical people in the room and we need the face to face communication. I think it's really important for us as a species and the fact that we're in the same room doing now right now is just like a million times. Yes it's beautiful still feels weird. It's amazing how yeah feels weird. We were now taking. I don't take it for granted. Is the wrong phrase. But we're now forgetting how long it really was. I was thinking about that yesterday. It feels absolutely like i blinked. And now i'm just old like i significantly aged the i went from like thirty thirty four or something like that. It's like you had a double pandemic bird. You're you're a double pani wasn't really open a we but yeah okay. Well i mean what it was just a long time. I'm not sure you about forty five. Forty five jesus. That's with interest. can i give. that's it. Can i give you fifty. I don't understand why you couldn't have paid them early. I can do that here. I actually have a fifty dollar bill. Awesome wow i had birthdays anyway. Amc's up so we're all feel refined going to the moon. H together right diamond hands. Get out of your paper hands so feels good to be in the same room anyway. Sorry for railroading. Whatever you're gonna say. Oh that's good. I was just going to say it's still there. We dropped video game movie game with a bunch of fun people in it love mall so much so go watch that and go preordered. I'm billy dot com slash movie movie Elliott has a topic today I do have a topic guys. Oh elliott pretty excite answer shit. We'll know it is censorship. Actually no i can swear now. Getting of the podcast is oliver saying just aggressive but now you can swear you wanna give just do a run. Oh yeah well fuck him there you go up for what you just. Negated are meager earnings on this podcast testing the algorithm. What's your topic elliott june. third twenty. Twenty one this is a new york times article guys. Us finds no evidence of alien technology in flying objects. brand new. can't rule it out either new report concedes. Fuck you bet. Suppose let me explain the whole thing here all right. There's lot going on here. All right i wanna be able get through at least a little bit of question just for context before we start. Is this thing that they said. We're going to tell you more about them in june because this article there's a little bit that's what they're saying that i think that's all right. The new report concedes that much about the observed phenomena remains difficult to explain including their acceleration as well as ability to change. Direction and submerge american. Take a good picture and not take a good picture. American intelligence officials but have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by navy pilots in recent years or alien spacecraft. A say about that but they still cannot explain the unusual movements that have mystified scientists in the military got some senior administration briefed on the findings of highly anticipated government report. So this is a briefings. I guess or report determines at vast majority buckled up. I'm i'm putting. I m on the moon listening mode and it is about censorship because it's about this is about. They're going to try redact it and all that stuff. The report determines that vast majority of more than one hundred twenty incidents over past two decades did not originate from any american military or otherwise advanced. Us government technology. The official said that parts crazy that determination would appear to eliminate the possibility that navy pilots. Who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs. The government meant to keep secret. But that is about the only conclusive finding in the classified intelligence officials said while a forthcoming classified version expected to be released. A congress by june twenty-fifth will present few other firm conclusions senior officials briefed on the intelligence conceded that the very ambiguous of the findings meant the government could not definitively rule out theories that the phenomena observed by military pilots might actually be alien spacecraft americans long running fascination with ufo's has intensified in recent weeks anticipation of the release of the government report. Former president barack obama was like yeah. They're out there are cool dog that he said there's footage records of objects in this guys that we don't know exactly what they are and we don't know exactly what they are and quotes the report. Concedes that much about the observed phenomenon remains difficult to explain including their acceleration as well as ability to change direction and submerge one possible explanation that phenomenon could be weather balloons or other research. Balloons does not hold up known. In all cases. I never seen a balloon move like that. Myself the official said because of changes in wind speed at the times of said interactions swamp gas. The final report will also include classified annex. The officials said while the annex will not contain any evidence concluding that the phenomena ra alien spacecraft the officials acknowledged the fact that it would remain off limits to the public was likely to continue to fuel speculation that the government had secret data about alien visitations to earth. So there's more to it. But i don't wanna read. The whole are a long winded. Way of saying like we don't know but very prepared to weaponize the fear when we came. Or here's here's what i'm reading. People say they're saying which is weird one that they're admitting that whatever this is not ours. So that's crazy number one the weaponization of fear for some reason because they also say in the article that could be potentially china or russia so from a military perspective to publicly. I ran on a country that could potentially be an adversary not france country. That could be an adversary. They are saying basically. There's a chance that they have technology. That's hundreds of years ahead of ours. Which would be crazy. Because it's flying around in our airspace. And how why would they say in some ways things would have come out and this is like for the past fifteen years. So they're saying like fifteen years ago. China and or russia had some kind of technology that is like eons above what we have so also how the next iteration

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