What Is a Press Release and Why Is It Important?


What exactly. Mickey is a press release. And how the heck do they even work. Press releases basically announcement to the media It's usually britain very objectively. Third person pretty boring it's Basically explains the who. What when where. How and why of what you're announcing You know we see a lot of them that are like a new hire at a company like a new vice president of hr something like that and those are the worst types of press releases. But they're also the most common type of that we see and so we want to talk about not just doing the common. We want to talk about doing the above the beyond an really writing that winning press release. Let's go to some pretty deep detail. Now give us some tips. Give some tactics. Give us some strategies for taking a winning not losing a winning press release. I think the thing that a lot of people get tripped up with press releases they spend a lot of time writing and following the format of what a a good press releases The headline is of course the most important aspect. Because you lead with that. And it's what journalists see when they are on a news wire like peer newswire looking at press releases and that determines whether they drill down so a headline is important. And you know the writing is important but it's not very important the most important part of the press releases strategy behind it. What are you announcing I would say eighty percent of the press releases that i moved e releases. Don't do anything. They get zero media pickup. And it's not surprising because a lot of the press releases that were moving aren't newsworthy. They don't move the needle there. Nobody really cares about a personnel change at your company or the fact that your website is now you know mobile responsive It you may have invested a lot in that but it's not something that a journalist as a gatekeeper is going to want to share with his audience. So you have to sort of think. What can i announce. Or what can i say From my company That journalists would want to share with his readers viewers in the case of tv or or listeners. With a

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