Mr Biden, British Prime Minister Johnson And House Moderates discussed on Del Walmsley


Mendenhall. We're going to make it clear. That the United States is back. And democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. Thursday, Mr Biden meets with British Prime Minister Johnson before attending the G seven summit. Bipartisan group of House moderates unveiled an eight year one a quarter trillion dollar infrastructure plan Wednesday the framework offered by the 58 member problems. Including highways, bridges, rail, airports and waterways. $25 billion of that money would be set aside for electric vehicle infrastructure, including electric Busses. The plan also calls for $74 billion for drinking water and wastewater systems. $71 billion for the electric grid and clean energy programs. $45 billion for broadband. And $10 Billion for veterans Housing. Bernie Bennett. Washington Need company. JBs confirms it Paid Ransom Marina cyberattack, Brazil based JBs S. A the world's largest meat processing company, said Wednesday it paid the equivalent of $11 million to hackers who broke into the company's computer system late last month. Confirmation of the ransomware payout came from the company's US division. On May, 31st JBs said it was the victim of a ransomware. After President Biden refused reverses cancellation of its permit on the day he took office. This is town hall. Com. First we decide where we want to go. Then we need to know the best way to get there. I my name's Adam burrata on the owner of Advantage goal with the highest rated precious metals firm in the country.

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